Improve me ♥

I’ve been doing some thinking. About this blog, and it’s content. A vast majority of what I publish is more or less crap, as I try to update twice daily with uninteresting texts about what I think I may have dreamt, or what I am going to do in the evening. I bores you and it really isn’t that exciting for me, either. So what I was thinking was this:

I could update more seldom, and instead put more thought and work into what I publish. Perhaps this would still mean daily updates if I am inspired, or it could mean one post a week. I still update my Twitter feed daily with whatever random things I feel like expressing, and there’s always some updates at Facebook (for my friends; I am considering starting a fan page there but not sure if this would be a good idea since no one would like it :D) so people will still be able to get some Zombie action on a daily basis.

But I want your opinions here, so I created a poll. I don’t want people to leave a comment on Facebook instead of voting here, as I erase the old blog links when I think they are no longer current :P
If you don’t think the options available are good enough, leave a comment to this post and let me know what you think.

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Thank you :)

I’m just tired, ’s all

I am feeling stuck, currently. Stuck in this neverendning hamster wheel, with no chance of getting out. There are so many things holding me back and I don’t know how to fight them off and get on, get out, get free. I am just a bit low today, it’ll get better. I hope.

And these weird dreams I’ve been having lately, they confuse me to no end. They are way too cohesive, it’s like looking at a movie. And the stories… I don’t even. But I like dreaming. I just think it sucks that I can’t remember my dreams all that clearly nowadays so I could write them down, as I used to do when I started blogging. Reading through my old dream logs is such fun, because as I read I can picture them in my head.

And all of a sudden, thursday. They do sneak up on you, don’t they? Wasn’t it monday like …yeterday?

I need to reinstall my computer. It is getting clearer and clearer each day. And I hate it. I always fuck the backup up, so that I have three copies of the same file and none of another file. Argh! This working with tech support haven’t really rubbed off on me when it comes to backing up files, lol. But if I actually DO reinstall my computer I will try to sort things out for once so that I can stop the ever ongoing confusion I have when I try to find specific files. I just hope that I won’t be having the same issues this time around as I got last time I reinstalled, where the system gets laggy and feels slower.

But yeah. Time to get dressed and go back into my wheel. Spin spin spin.

The day after

Today is a less exciting day than yesterday. There’s really not much to say about the day AFTER your birthday; Then you are just old(er), the end. Just got out of the shower, I guess that is the most eventful thing that will happen today :P

97 friends posted on my wall on Facebook yesteday. It really is overwhelming. Thank you, again :) I am happy that you all like the fact that I just got older ;)

Sleepy today. Kind of stayed up until late yesterday, reading Sandman. I like it! Comic books is the shit ♥
Oh, speaking of TEH SHIT: My brother is giving me a wide angle lens for my camera for my birthday! (and christmas). That is like BEYOND awesome. Love you ♥♥♥

…I don’t really have any interesting to say right now :3 Cheers!

♫ ♪

Om nom Blutengel ^^ And some Mozart aswell. Yeah… I am pretty diverse when it comes to music ^^ Some of these were on the last list aswell, but that’s how I am: If I find something good I hang onto it :)

♥ Thank you all ♥

I am overwhelmed by the amount of birthday wishes I have received today. So far I’ve received over 80 congratulations on Facebook only – I didn’t even know I knew that many people! If all birthdays are like this I won’t even fear another birtday again. I can’t even express how amazed I am by all the love you have given me today, and I just want to say I love you too ♥

I even got a piece of cake from the team today! :3 And lots of hugs, yay ^^ I like hugs.

Thank you all for making my birthday this amazing!

Birthday girl

Once upon a time I was a tiny, supercute baby girl. Now I’m a grown up, scary zombie. How things have changed ;)

I had such weird dreams last night, but I can’t remember. I just remember I was upset and tried to run away, but I was stuck in this strang world and I couldn’t get out of there. But I was less bewildered when I woke up today than yesterday, when I actually did this crazy turnaround before I got up. Instead of turning to the left, where my phone is, I actually did this really weird and panicked turn to the right, so I had to turn all the way to get to the phone. That kind of amused me when I eventually did get up to think about it, haha.

Yes, as you can see from my post yesterday  evening I am neglecting everything that has to do with computers right now, as I am busy building a chainmail shirt. I put some pictures about this on facebook and now I have been asked to build more chainmail, haha. We’ll see when this piece is finished, I think. My hands are sore and swollen and my wrists are aching, but I am happy because I like building stuff ^^ The best thing about chainmail is that you can actually see the progress! Not ring by ring when you have started to getting somewhere, but there is always a visual progress which I like :) I hate when I have to spend hours on the zigzag when I sew, because it’s a lot of work but it doesn’s show. As soon as I can start putting the pieces together is when I am happy, because that is when the progress is showing. I am very visual oriented like that :)

Going out for birthday dinner with my brother and my ex tonight. Steakhouse! Mmmeat! :3 I am thinking Black & White, om nom nom ♥