I’m a fighter, not a lover. That’s a mayor part of me. You see, when you are to easy to get, you’re plain and boring. On the other hand; I suck at hunting. Totally. I’m to shy and unwilling to risk it all. So… You get my dilemma? Haha. …ha.

Okay, this is totally lame. No wonder I’m still single ;)

Supersize me.

Lazy cow. Didn’t feel like cooking, so I went to Sibylla and picked up a hamburger. Well, at least I ate, ne?
I am still at it downloading stuff :) For the moment, the very beautiful voice of Billy Corgan and his Smashing Pumpkins. Seriousely, that guy is one hella hot fella :)~ (yah, it’s true.)

ALLRIGHT. I’m kind of a nutcase for the moment. Most of all I feel like run naked in the rain, but I’ve got a slight feeling that wouldn’t be too good. Or?

Playlist of the moment:
Queen – Crazy little thing called love
Goo Goo Dolls – Slide
Poison – I hate every bone in your body but mine
Blind Guardian – Nightfall
Horrorpops – Psychobitches out of hell
Morning Musume – Peace! Peace!
Laibach – Tanz mit Laibach
Gene Pitney – She lets her hair down (early in the morning)
Unheilig – Komm zu mir

Dance the night away.

It’s raining! I just love it. It’s chilly, soft and wet, and I feel just like a kiddo again! Most of all I’d just want to splash around in the puddles, but a minus about being grown-up is knowing that yes, I WILL catch a cold and have to stay home from work = lesser salary. Eww. Dang!
Well, gotta stay well so I can go to Stockholm next week. Got my schedule full and I’m really looking forward to this stay! If only I could get my sailor top and sailor hat in time for my visit, otherwise I’ll have to think up a new outfit. (well, I got loads of fun clothing, but I really really want to play the sailor pinup, aight?)

Got over a hundred of new song during the night, yay! New playlist! For the moment: Dance the night away – The Mavericks. Cute as fawk! ^_^ Makes my feet dance, at least ^_^

Haha, once again; The insane man from Chile (Pablo) has yet again tried to convince me to marry him ;) (”I’ll leave my wife! No problem!”) Lol :)

Oh, new tune: Independent Love Song – Scarlet. I love my new songs :)

Well, now I gotta do something else. Got some cd’s by mail today; Coffinshakers, Nekromantix, Slaptones. ^^

Fawking finally!

Allright! Guess what? I’m posting this from my home! At long last my beloved and longed for computer arrived! After years of nagging (or at least a couple of weeks!) he finally managed to bring it to me! But, sadly: All my pixxors (portraits of me, fun pixx, hentai, cute guys…) are lost. All my MST3k-movies are lost. All my anime (Azumanga Daoih, among others) is lost. WTF? Well, all of my music is still there, though, and that’s what’s most important for the moment. …*whine*

Eric is what we in Sweden call ”snel hest”, for helping me putting all of the parts together. Kind of similiar with Largo, ne? 1337!

Okay… *happy*22

The killing fields.

It’s killing me, allright. I’m so tired, so gawddamn tired. Slept app. 5 hours this night. Usually I sleep 8-9 hours, so I think you’ll understand my status for the moment. Aww… I dreamt strange thingies, too. It ticks me off! I don’t want to dream about the girls I used to hang with in school. There is a reason we split up after school…

What else?
Got to work five more hours today, then I’m free. So, I was thinking about taking a nap, do my dishes and then take a loooooong nice bath before I decide what to do with the rest of my day. We were talking about sewing. I’m going to try to stitch a bodice in leather, so that’s my plan for the day. Unless I find my linen! In that case I’ll try to make my shirt instead. Made some sketches at work the other night, and I like the way they turned out.

Btw, this, me writing in english, is good for me. Even though I’m not that great at it, it trains my english. So, yesterday, we got some english costumers in our hotel/hostel, and I could speak just fine with them, using good grammar and showed off a good vocabulary. Yay!

Ah, and ffs! Our ice cream-machine is somewhat broken, and I don’t have a clue how to fix it. So, it beeps. And beeps. And beeps. And beeps for fawking eternity. Give it a break! Seriousely, I think I will turn into a lunatic if I have to listen to that anymore. Arrrrgh! I feel like killing some innocent bunnies.

Oh, and I ordered a hat yesterday! A hat for sailors, to go with my sailor top I bought at Tradera! (which hasn’t arrived yet, whine whine. I payed it this sunday, and still it hasn’t showed up…) So, sailor hat, sailor top and either a matching skirt or a matching pair of pants, and my new adorable hiheels, to go with red curly hair, red fingernails, vintage make up with deadly red lips. That’s my new outfit ^_^ Thought of having it when I go to Stockholm in two weeks :) (Luuuuuuv!)

Also: I won ”Boxing Helena” at Tradera. Finally! I can’t wait to get it!

…no word yet about my computer. I’ll ask my father to contact the guy AGAIN to ask him when it will be finished. Argh!

Come, little children. (into a land of enchantment)

I suck bigtime at this. Tss, keeping my blog up to date? Nah. Okay, I don’t have internet at home, but …I feel somewhat guilty not being able to update this blog at least once a day.
And such short entries too! Grr.

Haha, I didn’t have much to say today. Just wanted to whine a bit ;)

Dye it black.

So… At my parents house, cleaning out my room. What a mess! I can’t believe I actually lived in that. It’s a wonder the dust didn’t eat me, I tell you that!
Now it’s …clean. Clean and empty. It echoes in there now ;)

About my apartment. I totally believed that I would be afraid of sleeping all alone, and that I would walk around scared all the time. Either I’m more grown up than that, or I’ve just kept myself busy moving in. So far, so good :) And I’ve got to tell you: I looooove my bath tub! It’s bigger than normal, so I can really stay below water in it :) Now I’ve put candles on the side, so it’s like a nice spa in there now ;) Except for my bath tub, my bath room sucks. Big time. It’s ugly! I don’t like it in there at all. My kitchen, on the other side… It’s beautiful. I love it! Meow ^_^
I think I, in some strange way, believes that living in my apartment is like playing Sims ;) I feel just the same when I but stuff for my kitchen or bathroom that I do when I play Sims. I think I’m a bit weird ;)

Yesterday was my one-year-anniversary as a single. Haha, I didn’t even realize that until Nadine asked me on the phone ;) Well, one year and I’m feeling good. I don’t miss HIM, even though I sometimes miss SOMEONE. Erp, but we’re not going there now ;)

Tomorrow: I’ll compete in shooting! Yay! Then work, but hey, time moves fast sometimes.
Work today too, in two hours.