Take her, rape her – sex by force!

Yay! My boss just called and told me I don’t need to work my two hours today. Jolly! Then I’ll have plenty of time to do the make-up and my hairdo. I just hope that the top I’m going to wear will act pleasantely today; It has some kind of fix idea to reveal to much of my breasts every now and then.

’tis a good thing, having the right contacts. With help from my darling friend Nadine I’ll be able to get hold of teh cutest stockings! Must remember to send her Sims 2 too… I never take time to play it, and she does, so …gift! ^_^

Listening to great music and totally enjoying myself. Like the parody me and my brother acted; ”My day off!”. (err… You’ve got to be there to understand :p) (…or at least know my brother :P)

I’ll build my own theme park! With Black Jack and hookers! …in fact, forget the park!

My arm is burning. Stupid sun. My left arm is red and sore, and I don’t want it to be that way. Argh.

Okay, anyhoo; With some help from my dear friend Viktor (57451) it looks like I’m buying an old female stasi uniform. Hey! So, when I’m clubbing in two weeks, I’ll be uniformed and pwetty. (accessorized with vintage curls, vintage stockings, a girdle and vintage hiheels, of course!)

Yay ^_^


I’ll laugh when you die.

Eh. Sorry for not writing here in ages. I’ve just not felt …motivated. But, after being nagged at for a while (people actually seem to WANT to read my blogs in english, even though my english suxxxors) I’m trying to do this again.
So. Um. Yesterday I had a party with Eric and Leo. We watched a sucky movie (The Sword and the Sorcerer), played silly games (Category Sportsmen; Ben Affleck?!) and had deep discussions ’til early morning. Then I slept for four hours, and went to the beach with my mother and brother. After we had lunch, me and my brother fell asleep, and now I’ve slept for another two hours. Also got burned on my left shoulder, ouchies :(

Trying hard to find out what kind of outfit to bring when I go to Helsingborg in the end of the month. We’re going to a party with dress-code, so it must be some kind of fetish. Well… I’d like to wear my cat suit, but it’s so hawt. (yah, I mean that both ways :p)
Other options are some kind of pin-up outfit, lolita-outfit or school uniform.