Everything a Zombie needs: Something to wear and tentacles

So today has been a day of wants and needs and must-haves. I accidentally stumbled upon the most lovely dress and I am going to buy it because I need it, I love it and I can’t live without it. And it is red, RED! How can a girl say no? Imagine this with my blue/red Iron Fist pumps and I will tear your heart out and eat it :3

And then, after browsing Etsy for shit and giggles I find these. My jaw is dropped, my heart is pounding and I think I am in love. I can’t see how my life can continue if I cannot own these. They are BEYOND perfect, and I need them, I want them!

So yeah. Good thing a) I have money left over after paying all the bills and b) It’s my birthday this month. ”Oh, mooooom….”


Edit:  Red dress be mine. Bye bye money ^_^

Leap year!

We actually managed to finish what we were supposed to finish yesterday! Also, it is kind of a bad sign if you have already agreed that we are NOT going to quit playing until we are all done! …and then you start yawning at 8PM. Oops. We stopped playing around 11PM, so yeah, was kind of tired at that point. Lost a couple of sanity points but managed to regain most of them. Hrm. I am just happy as long as the baroness actually survives, haha ^^

So far so good, I really like Call of Cthulhu! Would have wanted to participate in a Kult campaign too, but no one owns any of the books so that’s isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. Bah. We’re keeping all eyes open, though.

Right. So I am insanely tired right now and more or less just REALLY want to crawl back to my resting place. Urrrgh. Tired Zombie is tired ;( Buuut half the week has almost passed (again?!) and even though my mother is coming to visit this weekend I will be able to catch up on *some* sleep at leat. Woooo.

The pictures that were taken of me and Ricard this weekend was uploaded yesterday! I’m going to ask the photographer if it is OK that I put them here, otherwise you can go to www.bennytillberg.se and take a look in his gallery; I am the one wearing a black and white striped shirt and a corset with ribs on it :) Really happy with how those pictures turned out, I usually don’t look good on pictures on the first try ^^

Yesssh… it HAS to be time for a photoshoot soon, right? I have two locations in mind, just need to remember to check up if there are any way to rent/borrow  those for an hour or two for some awesomenice pictures. REMEMBER THIS. I also have other stuff I need to fix. REMEMBER THIS AS WELL. Caps takes care of things, pew pew!

Well known fact: Hot water can stop the rigor mortis process

Starting the day with a shower = Feeling a bit less zombiefied and a lot more human!

I can honestly say that whenever I start the day off with a shower I always think that I should just stick my head into the cabin and just wash my hair, but whenever I actually do take a proper shower I always feel a lot better. Warm water is good for my rigor mortis, I guess :) This zombie is all of a sudden both alive and can bend her arms and legs properly, wooo!

Today is RPG night! Well, no: Tonight is RPG night! We were going to finish New York last week, but it took us too long when we were stocking up on weapons so we had to cut short since everyone was really sleepy. Tonight we are going to play until we are done, so I suppose I will have to play half asleep, haha ^_^ Buuut last week my boss kind of promised that I could flex my working hours tomorrow, and start a bit later in the day. I may be holding him to his word on that ;)

It looks like I may be able to roleplay twice a week soon, as the thursday group is going to start a campaign of Dark Heresy and I was asked to join. Not sure what I want to play yet, I have already tested to go the Sororitas way and I think that if I roll yet another one  I’ll just repeat what I’ve already done. But Ophelia was a really cool character ^_^ Had a lot of fun with her and the old gang. Kind of miss the old gang, but I don’t think we’ll play together again. Mrrf. So yeah… Hi, new gang!

Ohwell. Time to find clothes. I am currently staying awake to the lovely sound of bagpipes (Saltatio Mortis – In Taberna) which is awesome, but I kind of need to be dressed aswell. Cheers!

Too weird to be considered normal; Too normal to be considered weird

I just feel that it’s hard to find where I fit in. I am in between and none of the camps accept me because I don’t fit their standards. I just don’t know what to do about it either, because I cannot give up on what makes me normal and I cannot give up on what makes me weird. So I will stay in this no-man’s-land and hope that I will someday meet someone who’s like me. I would like that.

Tired today. I had problems falling asleep yesterday, of course. I think I fell asleep around 1AM, so yeah. Not really rested and chill today, lol. And tonight I’m going out for a beer or two, so this week will come off to a really rested start. OH WAIT.

Apart from that things are …well… pretty good, I guess? I am sad, but I feel pretty OK anyway. At least right now, but I guess that the winds can change at any given moment. I’ll do my best to keep my head high. I am getting really tired of these lows.

It’s a month until my 28th birthday today, but I still got to ride the bus as a youth on saturday. I just asked for a ticket and assumed he would charge me as a grown-up, but I only payed half price according to my brother who actually looked at the machine. Hrm. Do I really look that young? I understand that I get to ride on youth ticket if I ask for one, but this? It’s good, I guess. People still think my brother is the one who is six years older than me and not the other way around. lol.

Time to try to find something to wear. I realised that the jeans I usually wear are WAY too big right now. Chubby gone slim. Nothing to wear still. wuuut.

But I was a vision in black and white

Long weekend, with a lot (too much?) going on. Not sure what to do with all the impressions and thoughts, so I guess I’ll just bottle them up and hide them at the top shelf of my mind. Away, away, go away.

Had a fun time in Malmö, but I wished I could’ve gone home earlier than at 6AM this morning. Too cold, too hungry and too tired to even think. Slept with one eye open on the train home, then I fell asleep pretty fast after I got home to my bed. Woke up around 11 and fell asleep again, next time I woke up it was 17:30. lolwut? Since then I’ve chilled by the computer and watched a movie (Pretty in Pink) on the couch. Now I’m going back to bed to read some comics before I fall asleep.

Yesterday was confusion, people flirting with me, me pwning at karaoke (even though the selection of songs was really horrible. it ended up with me having to sing Amadeus by Falco, in german!) and me having fun and meeting people I haven’t seen for a long time. I also cut my brother (undercut) and failed at doing anything fun with my own hair. I will hopefully be able to show you some pictures of my outfit tomorrow, it was A-OK! I got rid of the skirt at Deep though, I don’t have any problems dancing around with panties on when it’s themed :P

But yeah. Still feeling low. Not sure when I’m gonna be able to get high again (figuratively speaking, no drugs here). Meh. Just a big fucking MEH.

BUT on the bright side: OMG my waist after having worn that corset for 12 hours! And the body, the body! I just stood staring at myself (naked) in the mirror earlier today, what the heck happened? I am fucking stunning when naked! At least today. When looking at myself hungover. Like that. Also, kind of awkward moment when I went in to the bedroom to fetch some clothes, turned around and noticed that one of the neighbors was staring at me. Luckily I was wearing a towel, or that would’ve been even MORE awkward. Hrm.

Because sometimes a girl is entitled to some bragging, that’s why

And then the skirt was finished. Wooo. It got better than I had dared to expect, but perhaps not as good as I may have wanted. Good enough, though! I think this outfit will look awesome! :) Gonna buy stockings and stuff tomorrow, and perhaps also some fake eye-lashes I fell in love with. Mrrrf. I like planning big awesome outfits ^_^ Next one to be planned will be what to wear for my birthday, I guess. No idea yet :P But yeah. Not sure if it is worth turning older. I feel like there are so many things I want to accomplish in life where my age will get a bigger and bigger issue and problem. Meh. Not good.

Anyhoooo I’m tired today. Long week and I haven’t slept as well as I may have wanted. I am seriously thinking about going to bed early today to try to catch up on some sleep, since tomorrow will be a loooooong day indeed. Thousand things going on and all I want is ONE phone call I am not going to make. Silly stupid.

Ohwell. I didn’t have anything important to say, I just wanted to brag about me finishing the skirt ^_^