With friends like these, bring on your fucking worst!

Sometimes I just have to stop and wonder what I have done to deserve the friends I have. I find it an amazing thing when I realize that I have a lot of people I can call whenever I need and they will BE there for me, to listen and comfort and give me the love I need. Thank you. I hope you realize that I am here for you guys, too? ♥

This is related:
Once upon a time a zombie named Carina was playing WoW and had finally farmed those last, dearly needed Valor Points so she could buy her dr00d new boots. She bought the boots, gemmed and enchanted them and felt very happy about her upgrade. The fact that her manapool seemed smaller was confusing, but meh. Carina is a confused girl so perhaps she had just forgotten to unbuff when she looked at her manapool last time.
One day, perhaps one or two days after her purchase of boots, Carina queued up for some HC farming with her friend Marcus in the party, and suddenly she got a whisper from Marcus asking her why the hell she was wearing cloth boots.

OH FUCK << pretty much what she wanted to yell out, and perhaps did.

So yeah. I am stupid. This is not something NEW people, you should know this by now. Me being confused and all? True story bro. So I placed a ticket two days ago that was rejected yesterday. Blizzard has changed their policy. So I came to the understanding that I would have to spent ~two weeks wearing the wrong fucking boots, or that I had to farm to buy boots that were even worse than these. Feck. And then… Björn logged on. I told him the sad story about my boots and he just went and bought me the correct ones as they were Bind on Equip. Wait, what? Did he just spend a shitload of Valor Points on boots for me since I fucked up?! Egads.

Björn, du är fantastisk, och läser du detta skall du veta att du är en högt älskad och värderad vän – OAVSETT om du ger mig saker eller inte!


Days like these I want to grab the nearest pen and stab you in the brain

Materialist! I like owning things. And I just hung up after upgrading my measly little iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4s. /happy dance. Got a really good deal and I will be paying 50SEK less per month for a phone that is pretty much twice as good. Yeah, can’t argue with that ^_^

Today has been a very long day. It started off good but then I started to get really annoyed with some people and the way they handle their work, and then the day was pretty much ruined since I have to try to fix things they mess up. Jolly good. No, really. Makes me giggle happily like a mad panda EVERY TIME. Oh, wait. ;(

Anyway. This wednesday has come to an end and tomorrow it’s thursday. Thursday pass quickly, and fridays are nothing but a big lol until the work day is over. I am most likely going to a party on saturday and then spending the night at the couch of a friend living close by, which will be nice. I feel the need to go out and meet more people, now that I am being all OOC and all! (Out of character – doing thing that are not within my comfort zone)

Will most likely spend the evening with World of Warcraft, but then again I just got the latest issue of Rue Morgue… Hm… :3

Nothing changes the fact that I am a girl, but the fact that I am a girl changes nothing

I had all these weird dreams about being pregnant and having a baby. The dreams were strongly influenced by some of the mom-blogs I read, but still very strange. And then I woke up an hour before my alarm and I had to try to fall back to sleep again. I am pretty sure I did not succeed in that, because I am really tired right now and I almost feel dizzy.

Yesterday I transferred my paladin to Stormreaver to start levelling her aswell. So I have two healers at 85, one at 82 and one at 62 at the moment. I like healing :3 I can’t really say that playing a healer is something that is particularly ”girly” either, even though people have made that kind of comment. The majority of the girls I know that play WoW play dps, and they usually go for the warlocks or hunters. All the healers I know and have played with are men, with one or two exceptions. So meh, can’t really say that I think that ”healing is girly!”. People are still entitled to their opinions, though ;)

My mother comes to visit today so my plan is to go take a fika at Ebba’s after work while waiting for my brother to end his shift. And tomorrow we are going to Väla to spend a lot of money on useless shopping, haha ^^ Nah, but I kind of need a pair of good spring shoes and perhaps some cute outfits now that the sun is back to haunt us :) Haven’t seen my mom since mid-December so will be nice to be able to spend some time with her :)

How am I supposed to keep track of all the changes?

Yesterday it was embarrassingly obvious that I haven’t ben playing WoW for a very long time, and especially the warlock. Was in a heroic with Björn and three randoms, and the tank died. We were me (lock), two palas, one priest and one shaman, and when the pala tank died the healer started yelling for combat ressurrection. I lol’d and said that we had no druids in the party, upon which the healer left the party and the other pala called me a noob. I was really confused, but after asking my guru (Murck) it turned out that yes, Soulstones can be used for combat ressurrections since a long time back. Hepp. Good thing I know that know, but yeah. That was just crazy :D I haven’t really played the warlock since summer 2010 tbh, so I have no clue with all the changes.

Anyway. Weekend was pretty good. I am feeling better and I hope that I won’t get any more fever or cold or whatever, because I am dead tired of being ill after 3,5 week of illness. It makes me want to punch reality in the face, should I be honest here.

Next weekend I am going out to Wicked Mill Society with my brother and Lotta; a brand new burlesque club premiering in Malmö! And I refuse being ill then, because the tickets are already bought and we are all looking forward to this. I don’t think I’ll be wearing my usual red/black burlesque outfit, I’ve got something more omnious in mind that will be black/white which will be awesome. Pictures will come when I actually have assembled a proper outfit ;)

Had these weird dreams about bikes/cars that I had to fix before a race but the guy I was working for was just really hard to please because he had a lot of weird but strong opinions and his brother was really weird about it all. I had just entered their home when the alarm went off, I think it’s a good thing I didn’t have to spend more time with those two lol.

Sometimes it’s not that bad

It’s just one of those days. Those good days! I got out of bed and glanced at myself in the full body mirror that is next to the bed (more or less) and realized I actually look pretty awesome. And to celebrate that moment of self-love I am now going through a shorter playlist of Guns N’ Roses just to keep the good feeling going.

Nothing posted yesterday, boohoo. I was busy sleeping and playing WoW. Still having a cold, but at least I’ve been fever-free since Thursday *knock on wood*. Was hoping to sleep in both yesterday and today but instead I wake up at nine~ish. Well, I guess that is pretty good actually. Need to be able to get up at half past six tomorrow, so ;)

Nathaniel got the fever yesterday. Same as I had, I suppose. He is in Malmö now so I hope he is able to stay put until he feels good enough to travel. It’s not that I don’t want him to come home, but I think he should rest and then travelling would be contra-productive.

Anyway. Need to get going with my day now. I’ll see if I’ll post more today, otherwise you will have to survive until tomorrow (oh nooooes) :P

But I never meant to give her AIDS!

Dead tired and a bit off my rock from a very weird dream I just had. Don’t really remember too much, but we were in a game that reminded me of PVP. We were supposed to catch something that looked like socks (?!) from the other team and run with it to our base to put it in some kind of weird machine thingy, and if we  stole their socks we could also give them some kind of curse/disease. I stole both socks from someone I guess was my old gym teacher, and told her she had cancer and AIDS so she wanted to quit playing, but it was all a game and I wanted to tell her that it would only last as long as she stayed in the arena, but I couldn’t becaue that would be giving away the victory.

Woke up and felt disturbed. Hopefully it will be out of my system soon, don’t want to go around all day feeling bad from this dream.

Anyway, got to lvl 85 with my warlock yesterday and started gearing her up some. Fun thing is that after five minutes as 85 she already has better gear than my priest that I dinged over a year ago. Oops. Entered a heroic instance for some gear, but people were very rude to me due to me not doing the best of dps. I left after we had wiped three times – and it wasn’t even my fault we wiped! My dps may suck but fsck you, I know what I am doing! ;(

Wednesday again. Mittwoch, as it is called in german. The middle of the week. Time flies, eh? Still happy to be back. Had a conversation with the cleaing lady at work yesterday and she had missed me. ”You were gone for what, a week?” she said and smiled at me. ”Um, 2,5 weeks actually”. Haha ^_^ I don’t know, it just feels pretty nice to have been missed. That means people actually notice me some when I am around! Perhaps I am not just another nobody?

Not sure what to wear today. I guess I should go raid the wardrobe. Beware of fauns and such though, I’ve heard they are tricky bastards…

All play and no work makes Zombie a dull girl

Sorry about the no-show on the blog yesterday. I was too tired yesterday morning (tbh I am again today, can’t seem to get to fall asleep properly atm…) and when I got home off work I had to farm for my mount (WoW) before we were going to roleplay.

But now I’ve got the mount and I’m done with the roleplaying for this week, so now I have time to write some even though I am reaaaally sleepy, yay!

As you should be aware of if you have been following me for a while now we play Call of Cthulhu, in a 1925 setting, at the moment. Yesterday was supposed to be pretty eventless as we were lacking one player and were going to play on three, but it ended with one of us dying and me going to the hospital after blocking a knife with my stomach. I know, I know. Not the best of ideas. I realize that now, when it’s too late ;)

I am starting to ponder wether or not I should prepare already my next character, seeing as how we are all paper tanks that die on more or less one blow. We cannot soak damage, at all! In all other roleplaying games we have some kind of armor that reduces the damage taken, some, but not in CoC. Ouchies!

Anyway. It is a fun game, even though I am starting to worry about what we will be running into. It’s my first time playing CoC, but I have played (some) Kult previously and yeah, I kind of know where this is going. TO HELL! Eek!

It feels good being back at work. I have been so utterly bored being home alone and ill for 2,5 weeks, so it is nice to have people around me to talk to again ^^ and I am being productive again, yay! All play and no work makes Zombie a dull girl, eh? I like my work :) Just too bad when some of the systems and tools I need to use are acting up, I had to spend almost three hours waiting yesterday before I could get started with the stuff I was going to do. Bah!

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