Money makes the world go around

Been home from work for two days with a fever. I am bored and stiff, and I need social interaction! So, I am going back to work tomorrow, fever or no fever. I really can’t do with this sitting home alone, it bores me to teeeears.

So. I have spent today paying bills and spending money. Bought some cute jewelry and lip balms (with taste of Absinthe and Cotton Candy ♥) from Etsy, a couple of Stephen King books to extend my collection, a new set of headphones as my old one got a glitch, and found another million things I want and need. Ohgods I need more money. I have a list of waaaay too many things I want to get from all kinds of stores. Urgh. So yeah. Sugardaddy wanted!

After I managed to get away from the computer and all the pretty things that I made me go squeeee I went to rest on the couch and looked through a season of South Park. Also watched some Big Bang Theory, but I only watch that because I have a fangirl crush on one of the characters. Then again, one of the episodes actually made me giggle a little. Haters gonna hate, I just don’t find this very funny :P

Want to know something else? …I don’t like Lord of the Rings. HATERS GONNA HATE. :P


And my cell phone cannibalizes itself, what’s up with that?

I had these really weird dreams about photography, and I was in a park photographing one girl I am friends with at Facebook and then suddenly she turned into Emelie and she tried to teach me how to shoot portraits. …well, at least this night I know I did get some sleep ;)

My mother gave me a pair of new Doc Martens for birthday gift, so the plan is that I am going to start using them today so that I can get used to them, and make them used to my feet. I have a vision of a world in pain, so most likely I’ll just walk awkardly to work with them and then take them off :D I’ll try to see if I can get a picture of them to show you ^^ I COULD give you a link to them, but meh.

Here’s what I wore to work yesterday:
People have been asking to see the *full* pinafore skirt, since every time I show it it’s in a headshot where only the ”suspenders” are shown. So here you go, now stop asking for better pictures :D (such a fashionista zombie!) The skirt is from Asos and they don’t sell it anymore. Shirt + stockings from H&M. Being an awesome zombie is genetic so can’t help you there.

Fashion blogging! Not really my cup of liquids, eh? :P


Spreading some Zombie love

I feel that this week has been all about opportunities, openings and possibilities. I like that :) It has been a good week, and I am feeling calm and satisfied today. As they say in Spain: Me gusta.

My Stop Staring! dress arrived today. I tore that package open like a motherfucker and put on the dress the same second I stepped inside my door. Egads. That dress. Words cannot describe how incredibly gorgeous it is ”in person”. And it fits me, it fits me so well! I can’t believe how good I look in it. So yes, I am really longing for and looking forward to my birthday party now, so I can wear that dress and rip everyone’s hearts out ^_^

I am listening to the Spookshow right now, singing along at the top of my lungs. God I love this band. Will probably go for a walk in a little while too. I don’t think this friday can actually get better! I am in a really good mood right now ♥

Just wanted to spread some lovin’ :3


Days like these I want to grab the nearest pen and stab you in the brain

Materialist! I like owning things. And I just hung up after upgrading my measly little iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4s. /happy dance. Got a really good deal and I will be paying 50SEK less per month for a phone that is pretty much twice as good. Yeah, can’t argue with that ^_^

Today has been a very long day. It started off good but then I started to get really annoyed with some people and the way they handle their work, and then the day was pretty much ruined since I have to try to fix things they mess up. Jolly good. No, really. Makes me giggle happily like a mad panda EVERY TIME. Oh, wait. ;(

Anyway. This wednesday has come to an end and tomorrow it’s thursday. Thursday pass quickly, and fridays are nothing but a big lol until the work day is over. I am most likely going to a party on saturday and then spending the night at the couch of a friend living close by, which will be nice. I feel the need to go out and meet more people, now that I am being all OOC and all! (Out of character – doing thing that are not within my comfort zone)

Will most likely spend the evening with World of Warcraft, but then again I just got the latest issue of Rue Morgue… Hm… :3



Today we went out to Väla for some glorious shopping. Egads. I have SOME money left in my bank account, but that is pretty much until I have paid the stuff I bought at Tradera ;) (a box with 13 horror movies + stockings for my birthday) and then I am more or less broke. Again. ^^

So yeah. I bought three really nice shirts for 35:- each at New Yorker; two purple/aubergine and one that is dark red. I am wearing the red one right now, will be wearing it for dinner tonight, and that colour is really nice. Looks good with my newly dyed dark brown/reddish hair too ;3 Ooh I’m so pretty!

Bought some small knick-knacks and a cute skirt that was at a sale, and then we went to the bra store because I wanted to buy a new bra. I think we spent about 1 hour in Change (lingerie store) and we ended up buying a total of 7 bras with matching knickers. It turned out that I had to have my bra size re-evaluated, so yeah. Not what I had planned, and not sure if happy with the result. But yeah, hopefully the new bras I got (4) can help take some weight of my shoulders and if they do I don’t really care about numbers and letters in this case. Nothing really changes apart from what I have to answer should anyone ask and I feel inclined to inform them. Pretty much so.

So yeah. One might say I spent too much money today, but at least I got some neat stuff and I can enjoy the budding spring whilst looking really good, so feh. Careface. It’s only money, I’ll get new ones next month ;)

Tonight we are going back to O’learys for dinner. Not sure if I’ll end up with a club sandwich or with a ginormeous beef steak, but yeah. If I know myself right I guess I’ll have the meat ;) Will prolly put a pic or two on Instagram later on so.

IF I could eat whatever I wanted tonight though, I’d probably go for this:
Grilled hot dogs at S:t Olofs Holm, Gotland


Nothing changes the fact that I am a girl, but the fact that I am a girl changes nothing

I had all these weird dreams about being pregnant and having a baby. The dreams were strongly influenced by some of the mom-blogs I read, but still very strange. And then I woke up an hour before my alarm and I had to try to fall back to sleep again. I am pretty sure I did not succeed in that, because I am really tired right now and I almost feel dizzy.

Yesterday I transferred my paladin to Stormreaver to start levelling her aswell. So I have two healers at 85, one at 82 and one at 62 at the moment. I like healing :3 I can’t really say that playing a healer is something that is particularly ”girly” either, even though people have made that kind of comment. The majority of the girls I know that play WoW play dps, and they usually go for the warlocks or hunters. All the healers I know and have played with are men, with one or two exceptions. So meh, can’t really say that I think that ”healing is girly!”. People are still entitled to their opinions, though ;)

My mother comes to visit today so my plan is to go take a fika at Ebba’s after work while waiting for my brother to end his shift. And tomorrow we are going to Väla to spend a lot of money on useless shopping, haha ^^ Nah, but I kind of need a pair of good spring shoes and perhaps some cute outfits now that the sun is back to haunt us :) Haven’t seen my mom since mid-December so will be nice to be able to spend some time with her :)


Personality defined by hair

Quite often I really do miss my undercut. It made me look cool and as if I had something interesting to say. I think I look too normal nowadays, with this awkwardly half-long, brownish hair with really splitted ends. Meh. Yesterday I was holding up my hair to see if I should go get it cut a wee bit shorter, you know, so that it ends somewhere between my jaw line and my ears. But meh. I like that I am able to gather it all and put it on my head, so I won’t be cutting it anytime soon.

Allright, so as the edit says I actually bought that red dress yesterday. It is going to take 7-14 days before it arrives, and it is a little less than four weeks to my birthday, so I fully expect to be able to wear it at my party. I am all SQUEEE about it! The brand is Stop Staring!, and even though I only have two dresses (and a pair of pants) from them so far, it is clearly one of my favorite brands. They differ from swedish brands because they actually sew clothes for girls with real curves, the kind I have. I have boobs, I have a smaller waist and I have wide hips, but since most of the clothes here in Sweden are sewn for chicks that are equally wide over these three parts I can’t buy a tight dress that is supposed to hug all three areas, because it will be too big over the stomach/waist if I am to fit my boobage and hips in there. MEH! Buuuut Stop Staring! actually understands that there are thin chicks with boobs, hooray! :3 So I already know that unless I fucked up picking my size the dress will be a perfect fit ♥

Tomorrow my mom comes to visit! So we are going out to Väla on saturday for some serious shopping. Not sure if I will get anything though, I will prolly only buy if I find anything fun but I am not really looking to expand my wardrobe at the moment. But yeah, sure, perhaps some cute spring outfits? We’ve had sun and warmth the last couple of days, so spring is clearly on it’s way, yay! It kind of make my goth side cringe, but I really get happy from seeing the sun ^^ So yeah. A clearly ungothic ”squeee!” is in it’s place here, I think.

Time to get ready for the working day. Again the week seem to run away, run away. Wasn’t it Monday like …yesterday?

Also, btw: It is now 26 days until my birthday! (27/3) Prepare the countdown!