Zombie goes huldra, men huldran är galen (fortitude save!!)

Foto: Monica Hansson
Redigering: Carina Hellberg

Det här med att börja morgonen med en dusch är liiite skönare när det inte är typ minus hundrafemtio grader utanför fönstret som har stått öppet hela natten. Stämningen i datorrummet är lite ”kylig” idag, så att säga. Som att jag och datorn hade haft på oss samma outfit – lila morgonrock, samt svart handduk i håret. Oops. KONSTIG STÄMNING.

Men ja. Här sitter jag ändå och ignorerar hur awkward saker och ting blev och funderar istället på hur jag skall rädda läget genom att få på mig lite kläder istället. Dagens outfit har dokumenterats på Facebook i ett par månader nu, och jag känner mig som en *riktig* fashionista-bloggare. Ja, bortsett från att jag faktiskt inte bloggar om det då. Eh. Lite felkalkylering där kanske…

Funderar på att for the lulz göra en lista över mina preferenser i män för att visa er hur djävla galen och selektiv jag är. Å andra sidan skulle det väl bara skrämma bort potentiella ragg som skulle kunna få för sig att läsa min blogg, så blir väl nog inget med det faktiskt. Men ni får gärna fråga, jag kan säkert spotta ur mig något som liknar en kontaktannons om någon faktiskt skulle vara intresserad :P JAG ÄR ZOMBIE JAG BOR MED MITT EX LOL. Går skitbra det där. Hepp!

Såatteh… Annars då? Läget kompis bra? (fan vad jag saknar bowlinghallen ibland, och ni förstår inte ens min skumma internhumor som är baserad på en arbetsplats jag hade för 6 år sedan vafan)

Eh ja. Vi sätter punkt där och låtsas som att denna lilla galenskap aldrig tog sig upp till ytan och gjorde sig uppmärksammad, istället går vi upp till bilden däruppe igen och så tycker jag att vi skall vara lite nöjda över hur snygg den där peruken är. SKITBRA. Puss på er :3

PS: Rollspel ikväll. Baronessan skall roama lite på hemmaplan nu, vi anlände ju precis till hamnen i England när vi sist slutade spela. Glorious! Ho ho ho!


Suddenly: Wednesday

Wednesdays. They kind of sneak up on you, don’t they? Or is it just me failing my perception rolls on a weekly basis..? I mean, I should be prepare for a wednesday after a tuesday, but still. Sneaky fuckers.

Rolled my character for Dark Heresy yesterday! I think this will be a very interesting char to play, due to the background and all. She is going to be dangerous, but not in the same way as any of my previous characters – this one is just going to be fucking MAD. Her name is Sister Severine Ephrael, she is a cleric and due to reasons I am not going to mention she is a flagellant. Her aim is to become a Witch Finde, and yeah. Dangerous. :3 BUT, a word to the ones of you that may know my previous characters; She is alike neither Hedwig (the saint!) nor Ophelia, so don’t worry. I am not repeating myself here :) I am actually trying out something new, hehe ^^

So. Wednesday. I think I may aim for taking a walk tonight to be honest, I still have the need to get out and about, so yeah. As we say here in Sweden: Rör på dököttet! :P


Leap year!

We actually managed to finish what we were supposed to finish yesterday! Also, it is kind of a bad sign if you have already agreed that we are NOT going to quit playing until we are all done! …and then you start yawning at 8PM. Oops. We stopped playing around 11PM, so yeah, was kind of tired at that point. Lost a couple of sanity points but managed to regain most of them. Hrm. I am just happy as long as the baroness actually survives, haha ^^

So far so good, I really like Call of Cthulhu! Would have wanted to participate in a Kult campaign too, but no one owns any of the books so that’s isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. Bah. We’re keeping all eyes open, though.

Right. So I am insanely tired right now and more or less just REALLY want to crawl back to my resting place. Urrrgh. Tired Zombie is tired ;( Buuut half the week has almost passed (again?!) and even though my mother is coming to visit this weekend I will be able to catch up on *some* sleep at leat. Woooo.

The pictures that were taken of me and Ricard this weekend was uploaded yesterday! I’m going to ask the photographer if it is OK that I put them here, otherwise you can go to www.bennytillberg.se and take a look in his gallery; I am the one wearing a black and white striped shirt and a corset with ribs on it :) Really happy with how those pictures turned out, I usually don’t look good on pictures on the first try ^^

Yesssh… it HAS to be time for a photoshoot soon, right? I have two locations in mind, just need to remember to check up if there are any way to rent/borrow  those for an hour or two for some awesomenice pictures. REMEMBER THIS. I also have other stuff I need to fix. REMEMBER THIS AS WELL. Caps takes care of things, pew pew!


Well known fact: Hot water can stop the rigor mortis process

Starting the day with a shower = Feeling a bit less zombiefied and a lot more human!

I can honestly say that whenever I start the day off with a shower I always think that I should just stick my head into the cabin and just wash my hair, but whenever I actually do take a proper shower I always feel a lot better. Warm water is good for my rigor mortis, I guess :) This zombie is all of a sudden both alive and can bend her arms and legs properly, wooo!

Today is RPG night! Well, no: Tonight is RPG night! We were going to finish New York last week, but it took us too long when we were stocking up on weapons so we had to cut short since everyone was really sleepy. Tonight we are going to play until we are done, so I suppose I will have to play half asleep, haha ^_^ Buuut last week my boss kind of promised that I could flex my working hours tomorrow, and start a bit later in the day. I may be holding him to his word on that ;)

It looks like I may be able to roleplay twice a week soon, as the thursday group is going to start a campaign of Dark Heresy and I was asked to join. Not sure what I want to play yet, I have already tested to go the Sororitas way and I think that if I roll yet another one  I’ll just repeat what I’ve already done. But Ophelia was a really cool character ^_^ Had a lot of fun with her and the old gang. Kind of miss the old gang, but I don’t think we’ll play together again. Mrrf. So yeah… Hi, new gang!

Ohwell. Time to find clothes. I am currently staying awake to the lovely sound of bagpipes (Saltatio Mortis – In Taberna) which is awesome, but I kind of need to be dressed aswell. Cheers!


Will we agree with Cthulhu when it comes to you?

Yesterday was RPG night! Which, of course, means that we were almost eaten by a 40 foot long, flying worm with biiiig sharp teeth. Of course. Hrm. Nothing to see here people, move along. Just a bunch of crazies saying weird stuff about worms. Hrm.

It’s a good group we’ve got. Problem is we are only 4, and we need to be 5. Especially since one of the players have a LOT of school work that sometimes get in the way, and then we are suddenly only three people playing. His character has been to the loo with ”the runs” the last two days, so he is pretty thin at this point. Well, we can’t drag him along with us when we do stuff, so he has to stay put somewhere for a good enough reason. Obviously our GM thought the runs was the best reason for why he couldn’t trail along when we went into Harlem and whatnot.

And oh, the mortality! The lack of survivabilty! That way of almost dying as soon as look at you! Makes it exciting I guess, but I get very fond of my characters and I really dislike when they die. Which have so far in my short career as a roleplayer (um… well… 9 years now I think..?) never happened. Don’t wanna! ;(

But yeah. If you are a roleplayer, living in or close-by to Helsingborg and wanting to join our ranks to fight of Cthulhu and his pals (or so they say, so far it’s only been ONE measly little worm!) let us know and we’ll see if you are what we need. You need to be seasoned to keep up with the rest of us, so we won’t admit any virgins, sorry.

Ia Ia!


All play and no work makes Zombie a dull girl

Sorry about the no-show on the blog yesterday. I was too tired yesterday morning (tbh I am again today, can’t seem to get to fall asleep properly atm…) and when I got home off work I had to farm for my mount (WoW) before we were going to roleplay.

But now I’ve got the mount and I’m done with the roleplaying for this week, so now I have time to write some even though I am reaaaally sleepy, yay!

As you should be aware of if you have been following me for a while now we play Call of Cthulhu, in a 1925 setting, at the moment. Yesterday was supposed to be pretty eventless as we were lacking one player and were going to play on three, but it ended with one of us dying and me going to the hospital after blocking a knife with my stomach. I know, I know. Not the best of ideas. I realize that now, when it’s too late ;)

I am starting to ponder wether or not I should prepare already my next character, seeing as how we are all paper tanks that die on more or less one blow. We cannot soak damage, at all! In all other roleplaying games we have some kind of armor that reduces the damage taken, some, but not in CoC. Ouchies!

Anyway. It is a fun game, even though I am starting to worry about what we will be running into. It’s my first time playing CoC, but I have played (some) Kult previously and yeah, I kind of know where this is going. TO HELL! Eek!

It feels good being back at work. I have been so utterly bored being home alone and ill for 2,5 weeks, so it is nice to have people around me to talk to again ^^ and I am being productive again, yay! All play and no work makes Zombie a dull girl, eh? I like my work :) Just too bad when some of the systems and tools I need to use are acting up, I had to spend almost three hours waiting yesterday before I could get started with the stuff I was going to do. Bah!


Girls dancing around in their underwear? Never happened to me.

Well, I suppose I should write something here today. I have spent the day playing WoW (soooo close to getting the warlock to 85 now!) so I haven’t been very productive today. Watched some movies when playing though! Slumber Party Massacre 1-3. VERY weird trilogy of movies, and I never really understood if the third one had ANYTHING to do with the two first, apart from the murderer using the same murder weapon and the story being pretty much the same.

American sleepovers. Such a weird subject! Chicks drinking a lot of beer and wine and removing their clothing and dancing around. Hm. Never happened to me back in the days when I actually hung out with females ;) We used to watch movies, mostly. We went to the video store to rent a couple of movies and then we ate candy and watched movies. That is pretty much it. Depending on wether or not I was slacker enough to put up the extra bed in my room or not we actually slept in the same bed at times. Ooooo! :P

Anyway. FINALLY going back to work tomorrow! Two and a half week spent in bed and I am so tired of being this unproductive! Also, roleplaying tomorrow since Ola couldn’t play on tuesday. My guess is that he is doing some kind of Valentine’s Day-related thingamajig with his girlfriend. Pssh. Valentine’s Day is really overrated, and I am not only saying that because I am single :P

Going to bed now so I can be somewhat rested before work tomorrow. Sleep tight :3