Happy Zombie fun time!

Why hello there, boils and ghouls. I have returned from my days of absence. Did you miss me?

I have been to Gothenburg this weekend. Friday workday ended with us giving our old boss a warm goodbye and wishing him luck with his new job assignment, and then I sported off to the bus station to take the bus to Gothenburg. Met up with Christer and we grabbed a bite at O’Learys and reminisced about fun roleplaying moments. Then we skipped away to Berg211 where I changed into Marie Antoinette: wig, dress, the works. Didn’t really get around at the club though, we spent the evening talking about past events and childhood and so forth, and drinking wine. Om nom red wine, my nemesis. ♪ Hello red wine my old friend, I’ve come to drink you up again

Thomas picked me up after we were tired of the party and then we spent all night talking, which was very nice ^^ On saturday my mom came to pick me up, and I spent 7 hours at her place – got to watch a full game of hockey and couldn’t understand a goddamn thing about it :D But I suppose I was more educated afterwards, when my mom had carefully explained some of the rules for me. I was more interested in watching the drama on the couch when the team my mother is cheering for met the team her boyfriend is cheering for. So yeah, mom vs. Nicklas beat Brynäs vs. SAIK, lol ^^

Mom drove me back to Thomas’ place after the hockey and we watched this reaaaaaally lousy horror movie. Almost fell asleep. It was horrible in the wrong way, if you catch my drift. When the movie experience was over we took a walk, very pretty woods up there :) And again spent the night talking. So since friday I have slept a full seven hours until today, haha. Me, tired? Nooo, not at all.

Today I spent 2 hours at my brother’s place, eating scones with orange juice and talking about our trips to the Phillippines. Such a lovely time, I haven’t seen Fredrik since june so I loved every second of it! Also, Fredrik and his fiancee Frida have some work they want me to do! GRAPHIC DESIGNING! Yay ^_^ I was very happy to be asked, and I of course agreed to help them out. This is going to be fun! Total omgwtfsqueee-moment :)

That was all.
Thanks for reading ^_^


The lady in red

Good morning!

I kind of neglected writing here both on Saturday and yesterday, but I’ve been kind of busy. And tired. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, as you know. Not turning 28 until tomorrow though, so this is my last day as a youthful 27 yeard old! :P

Anyway. The party was awesome, I had such a blast! I have such lovely friends and as noticed on Facebook afterwards they enjoyed the party as much as I ^_^ I was given the four first albums from Sandman, 6 bottles of funlooking beer, one bottle of red wine, one bottle of Rosé champagne (I think they wanted me to get drunk!) and 8~ish packs of cupcake forms (cba to go count them right now :P)
And I was wearing my new, gorgeous dress from Stop Staring!, as seen in the picture above and the picture below ♥

Yesterday was spent on the couch, being a bit hungover (not as bad as I thought, tbh). I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (s3), being thrilled by the sun and building some chainmail. Took some pictures for Instagram, that I was thinking about putting up here later on in case people are interested in seeing the process :)

Time to get dressed and ready for work though. As always; Thanks for reading :)



I don’t snooze. Well, sometimes I do, but I always regret the decision when the alarm rings for the second time because I am so much more tired at that point. I didn’t snooze today, I just fell asleep again anyway. Fsck. Well, I woke up 15 minutes later and panicked, so it’s all good, but still.

Yesterday after finishing eating a big sub with chicken and bacon I fell asleep on the couch. Slept there for two hours, woke up and realized that 1) it is 10PM and 2) my right arm has gone numb since I slept on it. Oops. Brushed my teeth and went to bed, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep the whole night through but apart from waking up a quickie around 4AM I was proven wrong, wooo :)

…so, of course, I am insanely tired today from getting too much sleep :D
Yes, boils and ghouls, this little zombie is never satisfied with what she get, haha :D Noo, that is not true. It only counts when it comes to sleep :P

Tomorrow is the birthday party yay! Ordered a cake yesterday since I can’t be arsed with baking one this year, need to tidy up the place and I don’t want to go around smelling of chocolate cake all night even though I understand some people would find that charming.

For those of you who are wondering when (if) you should congratulate me for having survived yet another year as a zombie, it’s on tuesday that I officially grow a year older. And I have such plans for this year, just you wait! I am still working on all the preparations for what I want to achieve, so sooner or later you are going to be able to take part in it or at least know about it ^_^

But now I need clothes and probably a shot of adrenaline, haha. Have a nice day and don’t forget: It’s friday I’m in love.


Things I eat when brains aren’t available

Was allowed to take out some of my free hours and leave work 1,5 hour early yesterday so that I could go home to tidy up before my mother was coming here. Accidentally ran into her on the way home, so she followed me home and kept me company while I cleaned. When I was done we went to Ebba’s Fik for a fika, and I ate this really nice chocolate mint cake with whipped cream:

Om nom nom

After we finished our fika we went around town for a while to see where we were going to eat dinner. My brother didn’t quit work until 8PM so we had to wait for him. After checking out the menu and locations of some of the places we went to O’learys for a beer or two and a LOT of fun talk. Mom telling me and Ilir (who accompanied us) stories from when she and dad were young and travelling, haha ^_^

Hof wooo

And then we went around town again. At first we went to Sirocco, but they were fully booked. Then we checked out Harry’s, but they didn’t have any good options for mom, so we ended up at Steakhouse. Classic place for us to eat, haha. I think we eat there every time mom visit ^_^ I ordered a Black & White and it tasted glorious (well, of course. it is meat, and meat is LE AWESOME, so it is only to be expected ^^)

Weird thing at the restaurant when the waitress thought that me and my brother were a couple, and that mom and Ilir were dating. Um. She didn’t believe us at first when I told her that Zzuck is my 6 years younger brother, she thought he was two years older than me. Then she complimented our accents and went away, after wishing me luck in Singstar. lol.

So we went home and battled our asses off in Singstar for a couple of hours before Ilir left for home and the rest of us went to bed.

All in all a VERY nice evening! ♥♥♥


Too weird to be considered normal; Too normal to be considered weird

I just feel that it’s hard to find where I fit in. I am in between and none of the camps accept me because I don’t fit their standards. I just don’t know what to do about it either, because I cannot give up on what makes me normal and I cannot give up on what makes me weird. So I will stay in this no-man’s-land and hope that I will someday meet someone who’s like me. I would like that.

Tired today. I had problems falling asleep yesterday, of course. I think I fell asleep around 1AM, so yeah. Not really rested and chill today, lol. And tonight I’m going out for a beer or two, so this week will come off to a really rested start. OH WAIT.

Apart from that things are …well… pretty good, I guess? I am sad, but I feel pretty OK anyway. At least right now, but I guess that the winds can change at any given moment. I’ll do my best to keep my head high. I am getting really tired of these lows.

It’s a month until my 28th birthday today, but I still got to ride the bus as a youth on saturday. I just asked for a ticket and assumed he would charge me as a grown-up, but I only payed half price according to my brother who actually looked at the machine. Hrm. Do I really look that young? I understand that I get to ride on youth ticket if I ask for one, but this? It’s good, I guess. People still think my brother is the one who is six years older than me and not the other way around. lol.

Time to try to find something to wear. I realised that the jeans I usually wear are WAY too big right now. Chubby gone slim. Nothing to wear still. wuuut.


But I was a vision in black and white

Long weekend, with a lot (too much?) going on. Not sure what to do with all the impressions and thoughts, so I guess I’ll just bottle them up and hide them at the top shelf of my mind. Away, away, go away.

Had a fun time in Malmö, but I wished I could’ve gone home earlier than at 6AM this morning. Too cold, too hungry and too tired to even think. Slept with one eye open on the train home, then I fell asleep pretty fast after I got home to my bed. Woke up around 11 and fell asleep again, next time I woke up it was 17:30. lolwut? Since then I’ve chilled by the computer and watched a movie (Pretty in Pink) on the couch. Now I’m going back to bed to read some comics before I fall asleep.

Yesterday was confusion, people flirting with me, me pwning at karaoke (even though the selection of songs was really horrible. it ended up with me having to sing Amadeus by Falco, in german!) and me having fun and meeting people I haven’t seen for a long time. I also cut my brother (undercut) and failed at doing anything fun with my own hair. I will hopefully be able to show you some pictures of my outfit tomorrow, it was A-OK! I got rid of the skirt at Deep though, I don’t have any problems dancing around with panties on when it’s themed :P

But yeah. Still feeling low. Not sure when I’m gonna be able to get high again (figuratively speaking, no drugs here). Meh. Just a big fucking MEH.

BUT on the bright side: OMG my waist after having worn that corset for 12 hours! And the body, the body! I just stood staring at myself (naked) in the mirror earlier today, what the heck happened? I am fucking stunning when naked! At least today. When looking at myself hungover. Like that. Also, kind of awkward moment when I went in to the bedroom to fetch some clothes, turned around and noticed that one of the neighbors was staring at me. Luckily I was wearing a towel, or that would’ve been even MORE awkward. Hrm.


Not that I need sleep, but I do

I did the misstake of snoozing before I got up this morning. Not a good idea, at all. I know that I get wayyyy more tired whenever I snooze, and still I do? Silly stupid. Now I am trying to keep my eyes open but every time I blink it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to open the eyes again. And I am not going to get a lot more sleep this weekend, seeing as how I have to get up around 8:30 on Saturday to go to Väla with my brother, and then I am not going back to bed until ~7:00 on Sunday morning due to us going to the club and then going with the first train home in the morning. So yeah, Sunday will be spent in bed because I will be in dire need of sleep. Omg. No idea how I am going to manage this, but it sounded like such a good idea when it first came up! I think I will have to try to get some naps during the day, like a child/old lady. lol.

I was so sleepy yesterday, but all of a sudden my stomach filled up with squeee and then I couldn’t fall asleep when I wanted to. Instead I was wide awake but oh so tired. Very annoying combination tbh, when you want and need to sleep but instead you are staring at the ceiling, picturing one million different possibilities. Silly stupid.

Monday I’ll be going out for a beer with two friends after work. Since I will be asleep all sunday I will be really perky and awake and everything by then, right? …right. Haha. Oh I will be such a mess.

Today I need to remember to bring glasses home from work, because I need to sew today and tomorrow to build that bustle skirt I really need for my outfit. Good thing I don’t do things last second all the time! …oh, wait. :P

Clothes, makeup, 6 feet axe.