Ingen kärlek här inte

Om jag fortsätter på bloggutmaningen så skall jag idag skriva om ”Min första kärlek”, ett ämne som i sig säkert är jättekul, men jag är dessvärre inte alls på humör att skriva om kärlek utan att det slutar i en bitter sörja. Jag kommer heller inte att posta något förrän på söndag, så idag blir det lite vanligt skitsnack och inte så mycket verkstad.

Eftersom jag är superdramatisk och allmänt fjant idag så illustrerar jag allt detta med en bild jag ritade när jag var typ sjutton:

Jag är ju inte direkt en bitter och hatisk människa (för det mesta), jag har bara en dålig dag och det går snart över så att jag är tillbaka på mitt gamla vanliga jag. Eh. Inte för att jag vet om det är så mycket bättre ;)

Bilden ja. Herregud. Det märks ju att jag inte har lärt mig rita klokt, haha. Men vem bryr sig om det när man är sjutton år gammal och inspirerad? Jag gjorde ändå så gott jag kunde, det är väl mer än man kan säga om en del andra.

Diablo 3 går framåt, jag är nu level 59 och planerar att bli 60 på söndag. Sedan får vi se vad jag gör, jag vetefan om det känns värt att farma gear och jag vet inte vad när man redan klarat spelet fyra gånger liksom? Nåväl. Det är ju ändå kul att ha något att göra så.

Två veckor kvar, idag. Hepp. Undrar lite om det är därför jag har varit så djäkla stressad de senaste dagarna, det känns i magen och jag hade svårt att somna igår på grund av magknip. Ja, och på grund av att exet hade rollspelsmöte i köket. Men men. Sådant slipper man ju i alla fall störas av så snart jag har lyckats fixa en lägenhet i Malmö.

Ohwell. Kanske postar något mer här senare, annars får ni ha en bra helg :)

Oh hai, remember me?

I’m still alive. I’ve just been …elsewhere. Doing other stuff. Not really been updating anything at all tbh, neither the blog, Facebook or Twitter has been given a lot of attention lately. Most popular media at the moment has been Instagram (I am posting as voodoobunny in case you want to add me :)) but yeah. I am about finished with the chain mail shirt for Robin, I just need to add some extra rings to it and it’s done. Yay!

Apart from that I don’t think I’ve done that much. I am trying to clean the apartment as much as possible, as we want to be able to bring the broker here ASAP to get this place sold. I applied for studies for the fall, in case my Plan A doesn’t work out in my advantage. Oh, I am
*so* wishing for Plan A, but yeah. There’s always good to have options :) Also, until the results are in I am not going to say more about it, so there. Neener neener.

I have also come to the realisation and conclusion that when I don’t force myself to update on a daily basis, I stop updating. This is kind of why I stopped blogging everytime I have tried this ;) So yeah. I guess I will be posting daily, boring updates again. Perhaps.

Fuck everything, I need to LARP!

Suddenly it dawned on me: Fuck everything, I need to LARP! So yeah. I have spent today looking at a lot of different sites to get some inspiration, because I need to sew new clothing to wear. Don’t worry, I finished my work early and I was even able to throw in some extra bang for the buck – I would never neglect my work to browse for my hobbies. Also, most of the sites I wanted to visit are blocked at work anyway :P

I am about half-finished with the chainmail vest I am building for Robin, and then I have another four to build since people ask me for it as soon as I mention that I like building chainmail. I just don’t want to take proper orders until people have seen the finished result. I know it’s good, but I want people to be sure this is what they want so that I don’t put time, effort and money into something they realize they don’t want. Since my rings are almost out I ordered some new today, and I am really, REALLY hoping that they will get here before friday. I don’t think they will though, but yeah. Hope is still nice, eh?

Anyway. LARP. I don’t have a concept, I don’t have a character, I don’t have any fabric, I don’t know what the heck I am doing (again) and still I have spent the day listening to my LARP playlist on Spotify and dreamt about running around in the woods again. I kind of need this. If I can’t have Gotland beneath my feet I can at least pretend to be someone else and go browse the woods for enemies and friends and whatnot. I am the huldra, remember? (yeah, I know that I am not really a huldra, but sometimes I got it in me and… aw, whatever. I am crazy, ok?)

So yeah. I need to at least decide on a concept so I can start looking at what I need to sew, then I have to figure out how much money I am lacking for fabric and how much time I won’t have to sew since I am building a chainmail lol. Ohgodsthisisgoingtobebad. Anyway, I am crazy and creative and inspired so fuck you, I will give this a try even though it will probably just end up in tears, pain and misery anyway. Hey, I may be a controlfreak but I don’t know what’s good for me so I keep putting myself into situations I may have been wanting to avoid. Krigshjärta last summer was good for me but it was also OH SO BAD for me. Since I had no control, for instance. And since I kind of freaked out a couple of times because I was running out of time, didn’t have anything planned and things kept being messed up. This time around… it will be the same damn story again. But I am stronger now! …ohwait, not really. I am still trying to come back from the depression and yeah. Um. THIS IS GOOD FOR ME SHUT UP.

Anyway. The woods, the woodssss!

…and biiiiiig guns! ♥

Top picture – photo Eric Hejdström, photo taken at Stavgard, Gotland
Bottom picture – photo Carina Hellberg, photo showing the cannon ”Zorn des Rudigers”

Birthday girl

Once upon a time I was a tiny, supercute baby girl. Now I’m a grown up, scary zombie. How things have changed ;)

I had such weird dreams last night, but I can’t remember. I just remember I was upset and tried to run away, but I was stuck in this strang world and I couldn’t get out of there. But I was less bewildered when I woke up today than yesterday, when I actually did this crazy turnaround before I got up. Instead of turning to the left, where my phone is, I actually did this really weird and panicked turn to the right, so I had to turn all the way to get to the phone. That kind of amused me when I eventually did get up to think about it, haha.

Yes, as you can see from my post yesterday  evening I am neglecting everything that has to do with computers right now, as I am busy building a chainmail shirt. I put some pictures about this on facebook and now I have been asked to build more chainmail, haha. We’ll see when this piece is finished, I think. My hands are sore and swollen and my wrists are aching, but I am happy because I like building stuff ^^ The best thing about chainmail is that you can actually see the progress! Not ring by ring when you have started to getting somewhere, but there is always a visual progress which I like :) I hate when I have to spend hours on the zigzag when I sew, because it’s a lot of work but it doesn’s show. As soon as I can start putting the pieces together is when I am happy, because that is when the progress is showing. I am very visual oriented like that :)

Going out for birthday dinner with my brother and my ex tonight. Steakhouse! Mmmeat! :3 I am thinking Black & White, om nom nom ♥

The lady in red

Good morning!

I kind of neglected writing here both on Saturday and yesterday, but I’ve been kind of busy. And tired. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, as you know. Not turning 28 until tomorrow though, so this is my last day as a youthful 27 yeard old! :P

Anyway. The party was awesome, I had such a blast! I have such lovely friends and as noticed on Facebook afterwards they enjoyed the party as much as I ^_^ I was given the four first albums from Sandman, 6 bottles of funlooking beer, one bottle of red wine, one bottle of Rosé champagne (I think they wanted me to get drunk!) and 8~ish packs of cupcake forms (cba to go count them right now :P)
And I was wearing my new, gorgeous dress from Stop Staring!, as seen in the picture above and the picture below ♥

Yesterday was spent on the couch, being a bit hungover (not as bad as I thought, tbh). I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (s3), being thrilled by the sun and building some chainmail. Took some pictures for Instagram, that I was thinking about putting up here later on in case people are interested in seeing the process :)

Time to get dressed and ready for work though. As always; Thanks for reading :)

Fun and games vs. Serious business

Started playing Draw Something today, name is Eeriesistable if you want to add me :) As you can see above you are to fear my painting skills, mwahahaha :D I forgot to take the screenshot before clicking send, so I had to take my ss after Niklas had finished solving the word ;)

Apart from that it’s been a pretty dull day. Some drama at work when people realized that most of the sites people visit daily have been blocked. I felt so isolated when I couldn’t log onto Gmail! Gah! Good thing I have my phone, phew.

More drama at Facebook tonight, but in a way it is good drama, I suppose. A (jewish) friend was tagged in a picture that was anti-semite and a lot of his friends (me included) have been debating with the guy owning the picture to untag our friend or take down the picture. I am sad that my friend was tagged to begin with (by a totally different person than the owner of the picture, it turned out) but I found it heartwarming to see how many that actually joined in in trying to untag our friend. People surprise me sometimes, and it is not always unpleasant  ^_^

Party tomorrow! Have done some cleaning tonight but will finish cleaning tomorrow. It is getting late and I want to get some rest before staying up all night tomorrow ;)

Good night ^^

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