When in deepest of darkness comes brighest of light.

I’ve got blood in my throat. Been awake for 20 minutes, nosebleeding. Urgh. Not really my cup of tea, I daresay ;)
I’m so awfully tired today. My 12 hours working and sitting by the computer ’till almost 4 am wasn’t that good; Now I’m totally worn out. BUT, I’ve still got loads and loads of thingies to pack. So, I’m just gonna post this and then start packing and start washing again. *sigh*

The worksman whos fixing my apartment called at nine am and told me my kitchen wallpaper had come to an end. Eh? So… I need to get some more = order from Sweden = wait another week until my kitchen is fully finished. Aww! Dang. It’s never my lucky day! I had rather heard him say ”Hiya! You can start moving in today! It’s all done now!” instead.

Well… Pack.


Rubber nuns and leather monks.

Just got home from work. 12 hours! I’m dying… Aww. My knees are gonna kill me :(
This day has been …strange. First, pizza buffet for 22 kiddos. Then, nooooothing to do until seven, when we suddenly stood knee-deep in food orders. Dang! All at once! …a busload of cute guys, though. Not all of them were cute, but at least three. Whee ^_^ That’s the good thing of today ;)

Now I’m tired… But, gonna stay up a while more :) Can’t be online for a week now, or something, so I gotta take my chance ;)



By the way.

Oh oh, oh! I forgot to tell: The old man from the other day (the one who kept nagging about the amount of beds in his room, yatta-yatta-yatta) called again today! Haha, I almost fell when I recognized his voice!
”Are you the girl I spoke to yesterday?”
”Okay. I just wondered about that thing you said, about me sharing the room with others…”

He kept asking strange questions until he seemed satisfied with my answers. I wonder if he’ll call again tomorrow to ask some more?
I could’ve killed him. Argh! Seriousely; Why oh why did he happen to ME? I were almost afraid of answering the phone after that…

Baka baka baka baka baka.


Do you remember baby? Last september. How you held me tight, each and every night…

Oh yay! Okay, I found a new team to play in WH40k. Witch hunters! Oh, they’re adorable! I just ordered some together with Leo, who ordered Daemon hunters. We will rock!

Slow day. I bought the martini glasses, and then the codex for Witch Hunters, and then went to work. But, eh, nothing to do in four hours. Yay…
Tomorrow I’ve got to make pizza for 22 persons at noon, and then I’ll work till eight. Eww, I really don’t want to.
I’ve moved out of my room and into the computer room. I found a spider in my bed, can’t sleep there now! o_O And, I’m gonna clean all linen and pillows and stuff before I move, so I can’t sleep there ’cause of that either.

I feel like I wanna fall in love. I mean, seriousely; I’ve even started to think that Rock Lee sure is a good guy, although ugly. Haha. Okay, he IS, but… I’m very lonely ;)


You never were, and you never will be mine.

Newly awake. (It’s that what it’s called?)
I dreamt of something… I can’t remember. Kind of a nightmare, though. I think I’m beginning to feel stress now, before my moving away from home. Well, STOP IT. Meow, better now ^^
Today I’m going to go buy the cutest martini glasses ever. I don’t drink martinis, but the’ll fit perfectly for my screwdrivers and other alkoholic drinkies. Yesterday I bought the cuuuuutest tea cups in town, aww, love at first sight! Three pink ones with jolly rogers, and one blue with vintage kitties. They were totally expensive, but so worth the cost! …now I’m almost broke again. The martini glasses will be my last spendning before this weekend – after that I’ve got to buy food and fill my refrigerator! Yay! I’m a grown-up nu! …kinda. ^D^

Gotta work in four hours. Heh; Work two hours, then go to a meeting about my apartment and the building, and then work some more hours. Well well… Money! Yay!

I checked out EBay yesterday, but believe it or not; I didn’t find anything I really wanted! Am I cured, or is EBay a boring place? Either way; I’m proud of my self. *looking adult*

Okay… I just brushed my teeth, but I’m hungry. Darn. I could write some more, but then again; I will not. I have to pack more, I’ve got today, tomorrow evening and friday to pack; Saturday morning I’ll start moving thingies. Yay! Yay!


I see the stalker in your eyes.

My theme of the moment: Hardcore Superstar – Honey Tounge.
I just love this song! ^_^

(”I said you must’ve dreamt / These words are heaven sent / And here she comes again / She’s my honey tounge”) It’s so cute and …catchy ;)

I hate paying my bills via internet. I always believe I do wrong, and then live in angst for a couple of weeks. If I don’t recieve any angry letters, I did okay. Otherwise – Argh! I think I overreact to a lot of things, but who cares.
Okay… I’ve been reading a whole lot today. I love ”It”. Seriousely. I love the fact that I know what’s going to happen. …and that’s a good thing. It’s like ”oooh, I’m almost there!” and ”Ooooh, my favourite part!” and I read faster and faster just to get there. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. I don’t think you’ll regret it. Ooh. <3

I registrated at this totally cute site: www.lolitasnap.com. Check it out! (I’m there as OtakuGrrl) It’s full of cuuuute and adorable little lolis! I’m gonna start posing when I’m done with my moving – all of my clothing is in cardboard boxes for the moment, which makes me feel like a prisoner. I don’t have anything to play with. No manga, no anime, no fun clothing, no books, no music… It’s driving me fucking nuts!

Oh, btw, I’m in a better mood now. But, argh, I was really mad earlier! Not only did they continue asking me stupid questions, they also seemed to think that I was stupid when I couldn’t answer their fucking retarded questions. Okay;
”Hey, could I rent a room for these and these days?”
”Sure. I’ve only got a room for six left, but you could have it. I just want you to know that there’s a teeny-weeny risk that you’ll have to share it with someone else, okay?”
”So… we’ll be seven persons in that room?!”
”Eh? Seven?”
”Yeah, me and six others?”
”No, eh, you’ll get the room for yourself, ok? And perhaps, maybe, you’ll have to share it with one or two more, okay?”
”But you said it was six beds in that room?”
”Yeah, six beds. You get one of them, the other ones are free.”
”But you said I’d have to share it with six others?”
”No, I didn’t. I said-” And then yatta-yatta-yatta. I lost my temper very quick. I just wanted to yell at the stupid old man, but I managed to handle the call nicely after all. *proud*
And then, another stupid costumer. ”I forgot my codes!” Argh, you don’t need the codes if you check in before closing time! Baka, baka, baka! *changes to Baka Song*

That’s more like it…

In a way, I think I’m in love. Dunno, dunno.


Forever shall the wolf in me desire the lamb in you.

Okay… Wild shoppingspree at Tradera; I’ve bought a small Elvis bust, an Elizabeth Bathory bust, a cuuuuuute goth dolly and a pair of thigh highs. I also found the most adorable telephone, but it costed more than 500 swedish crowns = very expensive. It was a Darth Vader phone! For signal you could chose either Darth Vader’s breathing or the Star Wars theme. Aww, the cutest thing!

I’m hungry. I ate a hamburger about an hour ago, but I’m hungry again. Urgh, don’t wanna eaaaaat. Not now.
I’m a bit sad; I thought I was going to Hemse to see Ingrid perform tonight, but I can’t find anyone willing to go with me, and I can’t drive myself. So, stuck in Visby. Okay, I really need to pack, because I’ll move this weekend, but… Aww. It’s sad, aight?

At work. I want to go home. Well, no stress about tonight. Nothin’ to do…
But… This bores me. We’re 9 persons working here right now, and there’s not as many customers.
I feel mad, too. I don’t know why, but I really can’t stand people today. Stop bugging me! Stop asking stupid questions! I’m not in the mood to be nice. Argh.