Oh hai, remember me?

I’m still alive. I’ve just been …elsewhere. Doing other stuff. Not really been updating anything at all tbh, neither the blog, Facebook or Twitter has been given a lot of attention lately. Most popular media at the moment has been Instagram (I am posting as voodoobunny in case you want to add me :)) but yeah. I am about finished with the chain mail shirt for Robin, I just need to add some extra rings to it and it’s done. Yay!

Apart from that I don’t think I’ve done that much. I am trying to clean the apartment as much as possible, as we want to be able to bring the broker here ASAP to get this place sold. I applied for studies for the fall, in case my Plan A doesn’t work out in my advantage. Oh, I am
*so* wishing for Plan A, but yeah. There’s always good to have options :) Also, until the results are in I am not going to say more about it, so there. Neener neener.

I have also come to the realisation and conclusion that when I don’t force myself to update on a daily basis, I stop updating. This is kind of why I stopped blogging everytime I have tried this ;) So yeah. I guess I will be posting daily, boring updates again. Perhaps.


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