Now I’m feeling zombiefied

I started painting the living room yesterday, to rid us of the fugly yellow walls and to fix the holes in the wall. So, the room is going white instead. Will make it bigger, brighter and prettier. So far, so good :) Buuuuuut… I am aching all over today. So much PAIN. All muscles in my body are sore, and when I woke up this morning it took two extra hours of sleep to make the room stop spinning. Not sure i that was because of exhaustion or because of the fumes. Urgh.

So. Today this Zombie is really zombiefied. Mrrrrgh. Day will be spent in front of the computer watching movies/tv series/whatever I think. Or perhaps I’ll take a walk, if the sun comes back out again.

Still feeling high on happiness though ♥ \o/

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