Money makes the world go around

Been home from work for two days with a fever. I am bored and stiff, and I need social interaction! So, I am going back to work tomorrow, fever or no fever. I really can’t do with this sitting home alone, it bores me to teeeears.

So. I have spent today paying bills and spending money. Bought some cute jewelry and lip balms (with taste of Absinthe and Cotton Candy ♥) from Etsy, a couple of Stephen King books to extend my collection, a new set of headphones as my old one got a glitch, and found another million things I want and need. Ohgods I need more money. I have a list of waaaay too many things I want to get from all kinds of stores. Urgh. So yeah. Sugardaddy wanted!

After I managed to get away from the computer and all the pretty things that I made me go squeeee I went to rest on the couch and looked through a season of South Park. Also watched some Big Bang Theory, but I only watch that because I have a fangirl crush on one of the characters. Then again, one of the episodes actually made me giggle a little. Haters gonna hate, I just don’t find this very funny :P

Want to know something else? …I don’t like Lord of the Rings. HATERS GONNA HATE. :P

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