Happy Zombie fun time!

Why hello there, boils and ghouls. I have returned from my days of absence. Did you miss me?

I have been to Gothenburg this weekend. Friday workday ended with us giving our old boss a warm goodbye and wishing him luck with his new job assignment, and then I sported off to the bus station to take the bus to Gothenburg. Met up with Christer and we grabbed a bite at O’Learys and reminisced about fun roleplaying moments. Then we skipped away to Berg211 where I changed into Marie Antoinette: wig, dress, the works. Didn’t really get around at the club though, we spent the evening talking about past events and childhood and so forth, and drinking wine. Om nom red wine, my nemesis. ♪ Hello red wine my old friend, I’ve come to drink you up again

Thomas picked me up after we were tired of the party and then we spent all night talking, which was very nice ^^ On saturday my mom came to pick me up, and I spent 7 hours at her place – got to watch a full game of hockey and couldn’t understand a goddamn thing about it :D But I suppose I was more educated afterwards, when my mom had carefully explained some of the rules for me. I was more interested in watching the drama on the couch when the team my mother is cheering for met the team her boyfriend is cheering for. So yeah, mom vs. Nicklas beat Brynäs vs. SAIK, lol ^^

Mom drove me back to Thomas’ place after the hockey and we watched this reaaaaaally lousy horror movie. Almost fell asleep. It was horrible in the wrong way, if you catch my drift. When the movie experience was over we took a walk, very pretty woods up there :) And again spent the night talking. So since friday I have slept a full seven hours until today, haha. Me, tired? Nooo, not at all.

Today I spent 2 hours at my brother’s place, eating scones with orange juice and talking about our trips to the Phillippines. Such a lovely time, I haven’t seen Fredrik since june so I loved every second of it! Also, Fredrik and his fiancee Frida have some work they want me to do! GRAPHIC DESIGNING! Yay ^_^ I was very happy to be asked, and I of course agreed to help them out. This is going to be fun! Total omgwtfsqueee-moment :)

That was all.
Thanks for reading ^_^

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