Well known fact: Hot water can stop the rigor mortis process

Starting the day with a shower = Feeling a bit less zombiefied and a lot more human!

I can honestly say that whenever I start the day off with a shower I always think that I should just stick my head into the cabin and just wash my hair, but whenever I actually do take a proper shower I always feel a lot better. Warm water is good for my rigor mortis, I guess :) This zombie is all of a sudden both alive and can bend her arms and legs properly, wooo!

Today is RPG night! Well, no: Tonight is RPG night! We were going to finish New York last week, but it took us too long when we were stocking up on weapons so we had to cut short since everyone was really sleepy. Tonight we are going to play until we are done, so I suppose I will have to play half asleep, haha ^_^ Buuut last week my boss kind of promised that I could flex my working hours tomorrow, and start a bit later in the day. I may be holding him to his word on that ;)

It looks like I may be able to roleplay twice a week soon, as the thursday group is going to start a campaign of Dark Heresy and I was asked to join. Not sure what I want to play yet, I have already tested to go the Sororitas way and I think that if I roll yet another one  I’ll just repeat what I’ve already done. But Ophelia was a really cool character ^_^ Had a lot of fun with her and the old gang. Kind of miss the old gang, but I don’t think we’ll play together again. Mrrf. So yeah… Hi, new gang!

Ohwell. Time to find clothes. I am currently staying awake to the lovely sound of bagpipes (Saltatio Mortis – In Taberna) which is awesome, but I kind of need to be dressed aswell. Cheers!


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