All that glitters is gold

Who am I? A chameleon, nerd, fashionista, cinephile, gamer, party girl and a hard working person with high morals. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I wonder who it is I am looking at. Depending on mood and a lot of other factors I can either be on top of the world, or the lowest worm there is to find. At the moment I am, sadly, most often swinging towards the second option; worm. I keep having a hard time finding things that make me happy, and I am not sure if that is only because of the depression or if there is more to it. I can pinpoint a few things that I know for sure are making me sad, but pointing out the problems is not going to solve anything.

I try to keep my santiy by playing WoW and reading. At the moment I am reading Pratchett, which is always a good thing. I should be reading ”Snuff” (Pratchett’s latest book) but I am currently diving into the books about the Ramtop witches. I mean, how to resist? :P
WoW is also good in that way. It kills off the brain and all of a sudden I have spent 10 hours doing practically nothing. It is not productive in any way, but I like all the options I’ve got and I like the social parts of it, especially now with the Real-ID option.

Yeah. Kind of like that. This post is really not saying anything at all. I just think that writing is another of those things that kind of help me keep my sanity. So there.


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