When things get from bad to worse


The fever is a fact. I am freezing my sweet ass off and I am feeling way too hot, in a non-sexy way. I am weak and tired and my body aches. Not a very happy camper right now. Not in the least.

I bought a pretty pentagram in town. It is small and with something that reminds of an amethyst. Good stuff.

I am at my grandmother’s place right now. Watching really bad TV shows, but it makes her happy. Will go take a bath in a little while though, and hope that the hot water will make me feel better. Most of all I want to lie down to rest. Preferably in my own bed, but that is not a possibility. Miserable. I am, again, stuck in my head with all these thoughts.

Had a very good conversation with Amanda yesterday though. Helped me get some distance to everything that hurts me right now. It didn’t make everything magically allright, but it gave me some hope for the future. Thank you Amanda, and thank you Leo. You were both there for me yesterday when I needed you. I love you guys <3


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