I better beware of the Big Bad Wolf

After spending 2,5 hours yesterday trying to get Eneas (the 2 year old) to go to bed we finally got both dinner and a movie. The movie a jour was Titanic with Rifftrax, but for some reason the last 30-45 minutes were missing. Quite allright though, as we all were really tired and it was about 1 AM.

My plan for today is to get up, get some breakfast, get dressed and get out. Will take a walk through town and go to my grandmother’s to surprise her with a visit since she does not know I am on the island ^^ The camera will be brought along even though the weather is not the prettiest.

I guess I am feeling a bit less stressed out today, but I don’t think it’s over yet. There are still things that are stressing me just thinking about, and since they are the things I want/need to think about..? Um yeah, not very awesome.

Ohwell. Time to get up and about. :)


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