Kitten kisses.

Listening to Tomas di Leva and just …thinking. I’m kinda stressed up before todays work, but I don’t think it’ll be so bad. And… the rest of the week… I don’t think I have to stress myself up like this, really. But …I do. Time after time.
I’ll have to talk to Kjell about sunday, though, because there is no chance in hell we’ll be able to manage anything at what it looks like right now. Sorry, no can do.

Trying to find some more educations in case of a big NO-NO from MI, but it’s not as easy as I though. Colleges cost bazillions of dollars, universities even more, and then I don’t really know what’s left… I’m not too good at knowing stuff about school :p Since I graduated two years ago and started working I haven’t even played with the thought of going back to school, so I am really a n00b at this. If anyone’s reading this and have some good advice – don’t hesitate to comment this post or mail me, okies?


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