In a land far, far away…

I’ve got my reasons. I most certainly do.
Almost a month ago my older sister, Anna, passed away while sleeping. So, I haven’t exactly been motivated enough to write anything, not while keeping to blogs (one in swedish, at Sorry.
It’s been very hard to cope with, and I still really don’t get it. It’s been the Medieval Times Week here on my island, and I just can’t wait to call my sister and gossip about all the things I’ve been a part of …and then I somehow realize that I can never, not ever, talk to her again. Never hear her voice (and it frightens me, trying to keep the memory of her voice intact, not forgetting her, not letting her go), never hear her laughter, never feel the warmth of her sunny embraces. I’m sorry, but I will most certainly nag about her for a looong while now. She is a part of me, a part I will never let go. Anna, I love you, now and forever. (and I miss you more than words can tell, I miss you so much it hurts.) (…and it hurts more than I want to understand, so it leaves me numb.)

Other than that…
Two weeks vacation. I really needed it; I’ve got so much on my mind that I really haven’t felt like working, being nice. I’ve been away for a while, visiting friends in Sweden. Drifting off…

It’s been a nice week. I’ve spended some time with friends, and felt embraced by …friendship.
And, oh, Amanda is back home! It feels good, finally having her back. I’ve missed her.

(and I’ve been out adventuring a bit this week, tee hee. …but, um, some things are better off non-said, right?)


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