Take her, rape her – sex by force!

Yay! My boss just called and told me I don’t need to work my two hours today. Jolly! Then I’ll have plenty of time to do the make-up and my hairdo. I just hope that the top I’m going to wear will act pleasantely today; It has some kind of fix idea to reveal to much of my breasts every now and then.

’tis a good thing, having the right contacts. With help from my darling friend Nadine I’ll be able to get hold of teh cutest stockings! Must remember to send her Sims 2 too… I never take time to play it, and she does, so …gift! ^_^

Listening to great music and totally enjoying myself. Like the parody me and my brother acted; ”My day off!”. (err… You’ve got to be there to understand :p) (…or at least know my brother :P)

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