I hate every bone in your body but mine.

Allright-o, I know I’ve been bad not updating recently. But, it’s like this: I work from 8am-2pm, and then I’ve got a few hours to be absolutely free (mostly, I watch DH at that time) and after 6pm, WE ARE BUILDING THE BIGGEST TENT EVER. And I have to go to bed att 11pm to be able to get up at 7.30am. So… No time to blog. Except now, whilst I feel I have to come up with some kind of explanation. (like you even care :p)

I will be busy all week long; Tent-building, visit from sthlm, Midsummer, work and then, at monday, I’m of for a LARP, and I won’t be home again ’til next tuesday. So, uh, don’t expect any updates in two weeks, ok?

(fawk english, it’s not my language today..)


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