Playing with guns.

Okay… Today started when my cat suddenly started a war against my room. With a *crash* I was suddenly fully awake, and realized that oh, there is nooo idea at all to try to get some more sleep, ’cuz I got to get up in ten minutes anyway. This was at 7.50 am this morning. Tired but in a good mood I went up, got some clothing on (the potion-clothes) and then Eric and Leo came. Urgh, early mornings… not my cup of tea.
It was a bit cold outside, but I survived. Yay!
Either beginner’s luck, or I have a natural talent for shooting with guns. Last time I hit all but one shot, this time I missed the first ones (the gun was really heavy, argh, I’m not strong at all in my left arm!) but then I got some good hits. Fun!

Got to work this evening. We’re having a party for the licensed bowlers and I’m in the bar with my mom. Could be fun, actually. We work fine together; We have a very good relationship.
No pizza this week. Good, my arm hurts after today’s playsession. Urgh, why am I so fragile? Got a new bruise on my right arm, which makes my arm a bit hard to use naturally. Grr.

Thursday night we were at Leos, drinking and played a game we came up with. A drinking game. I lost. In ALL ways; I had the fewest points, and I was most drunk of us. Aww. I feel like a little girl, completely unable to take good care of myself. …and in a week I will move to my own apartment. Heh, perhaps not the brightest idea…
I was there yesterday; My bedroom is bubblegum pink and cuuuute as can be. I really long to se my home fully finished and furnished! …and then, will I become grown-up, or will I continue to act like a ten-year-old?

Latest obsession: Alucard in Castlevania and Sephiroth of Final Fantasy. Played neither game, but google helped me with some good pixxors. Whee ^^
Pixxors for my bathroom! (I’ve got the ugliest wallpapers ever, eww. BUT, boys like Kakashi-sensei, Klaha, Ryoki-kun, Sephiroth and Jack Sparrow will easily help cover them ^^) (…I’ve got a pile of 30 papers with pictures laying right next to me, whee ^_^,)

Okay… Gotta go. Work begins in 40 minutes, and I’ve got to find me a good pair of shoes and a cardigan that goes with my glittery spidery outfit.

See yas!

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