It takes a fool to remain sane.

Okay… Lame day at work today. Well, I’m not complaining, I got to quit after two hours work, instead of nine. ^^
Yesterday went well, me bartending with my mom. We got about fifty swedish crowns each in tips, and had a ball. We work really well together, and the customers seems to like the way we behave. Us being mother and daughter… we enjoy them.
I have strange workmates. The main pizza baker told me he loves me yesterday. I don’t get it… He is very strange, acts almost crazy. It’s only for fun, though, but the things he says are a bit insane. ”I love you”, ”Give me a hug!”, ”If I could take pictures of you at work and sell them I would be rich by now!” and stuff like that. A good thing though is that when customers come on at me, stalk me at work and so on, he acts like a father for me and glare at people. That’s good.
^^ Other than him, I work with three other guys from Chile. They’re just as crazy as Pablo, which makes it very amusing to work together with them. Classic topics of conversation is me, hentai, strange customers and all the other people who work at the bowling alley. The staff boss is a very confused, but amusing, man. He always forgets everything, and always disappears at the strangest moments. …as the saying goes: ”To work at our bowling alley you have to be a whole lot insane.” Well, I like it at work. We’ve had some people working there acting like total bitches, but they’re not there now. The gang we’ve got now is totally cool, and they’re like a family for me :) (the fact that one of my brothers, my mom and my dad also work there does not count ;))

I’m gonna go rent some movies for me and my mom in a while.

Today’s song: ”Fresh” – Basement Jaxx.

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