I feel pretty, now I have value!*

Photography: Mia Schlyter

Just got out of the shower, after putting some more dye into my hair and eyebrows. Now, for a week or two, I will feel like spooktactular Zombie again, before the roots are visible again and the brows have lost their red touch. Ohwell. I will feel pretty at least for a while! ;)

Apart from some sidetracking and labyrinthine thoughts of the dark kind, I am still high on happiness and love here. I can’t believe that I will be working for a new company in just two months! Yes, I repeat myself, but fuck you because I am happy and this is MY blog :P

Looking forward to this weeken when I will go out clubbing with Lotta. Finally time for some Distortion again! And if I can find a fitting top I will be wearing my uber-tight leopard spandex pants. They are so tight and thin they make me look nekkid. And, um, leopard spotted. Err. Anyway! Awesome ass amirite? (not really, but I will pretend I look good in them and my good friend Alcohol will help out there ^^)

I am also hoping that Paret Hårdrock will be joining me! I went out for a beer with them last month which was really fun, and also much more rock ’n’ roll than all the tweenyboppers and fashionistas and their blog meet-ups. We listened to some rough music and had beer, so yeah. Metal! .\,,/

Today I am still hungover from the wine I had on monday. My original plan was to spend Walpurgis finishing the paint job in the living room, but Thomas decided that I should go to Gothenburg to party with him and his friends so he actually drove all the way to Scania to pick me up. The fuck? Well, that was awesome and I had a really good time, even though I somehow finished a *whole* bottle of red wine (Motörhead Shiraz, ofc) and ended up falling asleep on the couch when the rest of the people were listening to music on Youtube. Ohwell. I am tiny and pretty cute when I sleep so people are mostly OK with me falling asleep randomly :)

Still got one wall left to paint in the living room though, but I will do that tomorrow since Nath is working late today and I can’t move the heavy furniture on my own. Urgh. Damn these thin arms of mine ;(

Ohwell. Kisses and hugs, kiddos ^_^

*if you know where this quote is from you’ve got my undying love! Or at least some of it :3

2 kommentarer till “I feel pretty, now I have value!*

  1. Ja jag tänkte slå dig en signal, men jag tror inte jag har ditt nummer. Dock fredagkväll skall vi lära oss och sminka oss med zombiesmink osv. Du kanske är sugen, kl 19.00 sätter vi igång. Skall ner och fixa klister och silikon nu så skall vi se hur det går. Men maial ditt nummer så slkår vi givetvis en signal vid nästa marsch eller upptåg=9 Detsamma om din bild, riktigt bra. Alltid roligt att se det annorlunda, det andra har vi för mkt av.=)

  2. Vart skall ni vara på fredag då? :)
    Men åk med ner till Malmö på lördag och häng med på hårdrocksklubb! De har öppet mellan 23-05, första tåget hemåt går 06:00~ish. Jag kommer att åka ner tidigare och hänga med Lotta samt sova över hos henne efteråt, men vore kul om ni ville komma ner och klubba med oss!

    Mailar numret!


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