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I started blogging in english instead of swedish at the end of January, when I went to Gotland and got pneumonia. At the same time I more or less lost interest in keeping the blog updated. I don’t think it is because I am writing in english, but you never know. I have quite a good grip on the language, but perhaps it’s the language that is keeping me from posting as often as I’d like.

I started writing in english because I wanted my non-swedish friends to be able to read withouth having to go through Google translate. I am not sure how many of you that are actually reading though, so I actually started a new poll to see if it’s worth the time to write in english instead of swedish, where my language IS more fluent and close-to-heart. Please take your time to chose the option that makes most sense to you.

There are pros and cons with writing in english. Pros – I have the opportunity to be read by people from outside of Sweden. When I comment on american blogs the bloggers can actually peek back and understand what I am saying. Cons –  it is not my mother tongue, and there are so many pretty and/or silly swedish words I can’t use.

Anyway. Yesterday I bought new shampoo and conditioner for my poor, damaged hair – Aussie Color Mate. It must be my imagination, but after one shower using the new products I think I can already notice a difference. o_O
The plan is to have my hair repaired and then see if I can actually get ALL of my hair in one colour, instead of this brown-red rainbow thing I’ve got going on at the moment. Goddamnit, I look HAWT in red hair and I don’t want all this brown-green-yellow~ish I’ve got going on.

Ohwell. POLL people! Answer it! Please? :3

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