Money makes the world go around

Been home from work for two days with a fever. I am bored and stiff, and I need social interaction! So, I am going back to work tomorrow, fever or no fever. I really can’t do with this sitting home alone, it bores me to teeeears.

So. I have spent today paying bills and spending money. Bought some cute jewelry and lip balms (with taste of Absinthe and Cotton Candy ♥) from Etsy, a couple of Stephen King books to extend my collection, a new set of headphones as my old one got a glitch, and found another million things I want and need. Ohgods I need more money. I have a list of waaaay too many things I want to get from all kinds of stores. Urgh. So yeah. Sugardaddy wanted!

After I managed to get away from the computer and all the pretty things that I made me go squeeee I went to rest on the couch and looked through a season of South Park. Also watched some Big Bang Theory, but I only watch that because I have a fangirl crush on one of the characters. Then again, one of the episodes actually made me giggle a little. Haters gonna hate, I just don’t find this very funny :P

Want to know something else? …I don’t like Lord of the Rings. HATERS GONNA HATE. :P

2 kommentarer till “Money makes the world go around

  1. Haha vet att du inte gillar Sagan om ringen. Själv älskar jag LOTR men böckerna är faktiskt rätt sega till och från.

    Vem i Big Bang Theory har du en fangirl crush på? Nyfiken! :D

    • Leonard, ofc ^^ Han må vara lite kort, men han är jättesöt, spelar cello och är charmig som sjutton :3


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