Fuck everything, I need to LARP!

Suddenly it dawned on me: Fuck everything, I need to LARP! So yeah. I have spent today looking at a lot of different sites to get some inspiration, because I need to sew new clothing to wear. Don’t worry, I finished my work early and I was even able to throw in some extra bang for the buck – I would never neglect my work to browse for my hobbies. Also, most of the sites I wanted to visit are blocked at work anyway :P

I am about half-finished with the chainmail vest I am building for Robin, and then I have another four to build since people ask me for it as soon as I mention that I like building chainmail. I just don’t want to take proper orders until people have seen the finished result. I know it’s good, but I want people to be sure this is what they want so that I don’t put time, effort and money into something they realize they don’t want. Since my rings are almost out I ordered some new today, and I am really, REALLY hoping that they will get here before friday. I don’t think they will though, but yeah. Hope is still nice, eh?

Anyway. LARP. I don’t have a concept, I don’t have a character, I don’t have any fabric, I don’t know what the heck I am doing (again) and still I have spent the day listening to my LARP playlist on Spotify and dreamt about running around in the woods again. I kind of need this. If I can’t have Gotland beneath my feet I can at least pretend to be someone else and go browse the woods for enemies and friends and whatnot. I am the huldra, remember? (yeah, I know that I am not really a huldra, but sometimes I got it in me and… aw, whatever. I am crazy, ok?)

So yeah. I need to at least decide on a concept so I can start looking at what I need to sew, then I have to figure out how much money I am lacking for fabric and how much time I won’t have to sew since I am building a chainmail lol. Ohgodsthisisgoingtobebad. Anyway, I am crazy and creative and inspired so fuck you, I will give this a try even though it will probably just end up in tears, pain and misery anyway. Hey, I may be a controlfreak but I don’t know what’s good for me so I keep putting myself into situations I may have been wanting to avoid. Krigshjärta last summer was good for me but it was also OH SO BAD for me. Since I had no control, for instance. And since I kind of freaked out a couple of times because I was running out of time, didn’t have anything planned and things kept being messed up. This time around… it will be the same damn story again. But I am stronger now! …ohwait, not really. I am still trying to come back from the depression and yeah. Um. THIS IS GOOD FOR ME SHUT UP.

Anyway. The woods, the woodssss!

…and biiiiiig guns! ♥

Top picture – photo Eric Hejdström, photo taken at Stavgard, Gotland
Bottom picture – photo Carina Hellberg, photo showing the cannon ”Zorn des Rudigers”

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