Winter wonderland! …wait, what?

For some reason there is snow outside. A LOT of it. And yes, that is cold and stupid and what’s even worse is that I left my winter boots at work yesterday and went home wearing my inhouse shoes. Hrm. BUT I can bring my camera today and take some sweet snow pictures, so I am trying to focus on the positives here :)

Got such a head ache right now, but I am hoping it will pass soon. Not sure if I got enough sleep last night, I know I woke up sometime around three and was confused that it was not yet time to go up and get ready for work. So yeah. Here I am. Tired beyond recognition and with a head ache, and as soon as I get to work I can add wet and cold feet to the list of my miseries. OH WHAT LIFE IS BAD.

I am of course not serious. Even though head ache and cold feet I am still in a good mood. Isn’t that just peachy? :)

Ohwell. Time to get dressed. I bet it is cold as fuck outside so I want to wear something warm :P


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