The day after

Today is a less exciting day than yesterday. There’s really not much to say about the day AFTER your birthday; Then you are just old(er), the end. Just got out of the shower, I guess that is the most eventful thing that will happen today :P

97 friends posted on my wall on Facebook yesteday. It really is overwhelming. Thank you, again :) I am happy that you all like the fact that I just got older ;)

Sleepy today. Kind of stayed up until late yesterday, reading Sandman. I like it! Comic books is the shit ♥
Oh, speaking of TEH SHIT: My brother is giving me a wide angle lens for my camera for my birthday! (and christmas). That is like BEYOND awesome. Love you ♥♥♥

…I don’t really have any interesting to say right now :3 Cheers!


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