Medium rare

We ate at O’Learys yesterday. Had a nice evening, even though we all of a sudden had to watch the swedish takeouts for Eurovision Song Contest. It was awful! I really don’t understand how and why people watch that ridicilous shit volontarily, because my ears and eyes hurt after watching it. People are free to like whatever they want, of course, but yikes. I wasn’t aware it was THAT bad. Had to go home and listen to some real music when we left, because that was just frightening. Meep.

Anywayyyyy. I am really satisfied with the way my hair turned out after dying the roots yesterday! It is a darker brown now, with some red nuances, which is nice. I dyed my eyebrows as well, and this time it didn’t make me look like a clown, woo! As you can see in the picture below I am not always lucky when dying the eyebrows:

I’ll see if I can put up any pictures of the current look. If not before then it will show up sometime during the week, with me taking almost daily snapshots of my current look and all. Like so.

Yes. Um. Got nothing else to add right now ^_^


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