Birthday girl

Once upon a time I was a tiny, supercute baby girl. Now I’m a grown up, scary zombie. How things have changed ;)

I had such weird dreams last night, but I can’t remember. I just remember I was upset and tried to run away, but I was stuck in this strang world and I couldn’t get out of there. But I was less bewildered when I woke up today than yesterday, when I actually did this crazy turnaround before I got up. Instead of turning to the left, where my phone is, I actually did this really weird and panicked turn to the right, so I had to turn all the way to get to the phone. That kind of amused me when I eventually did get up to think about it, haha.

Yes, as you can see from my post yesterday  evening I am neglecting everything that has to do with computers right now, as I am busy building a chainmail shirt. I put some pictures about this on facebook and now I have been asked to build more chainmail, haha. We’ll see when this piece is finished, I think. My hands are sore and swollen and my wrists are aching, but I am happy because I like building stuff ^^ The best thing about chainmail is that you can actually see the progress! Not ring by ring when you have started to getting somewhere, but there is always a visual progress which I like :) I hate when I have to spend hours on the zigzag when I sew, because it’s a lot of work but it doesn’s show. As soon as I can start putting the pieces together is when I am happy, because that is when the progress is showing. I am very visual oriented like that :)

Going out for birthday dinner with my brother and my ex tonight. Steakhouse! Mmmeat! :3 I am thinking Black & White, om nom nom ♥


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