Zombies crawl; they are not known for awesome running skills

Foto: Mia Schlyter

Old picture, I know, but I don’t have any good recent ones so let’s just pretend I am a redhead again and all will be peachy keen.

And then the wednesday came to an end. This week is practically running away from me! Feels a bit weird to have time flying by this fast again, me spending 2,5 weeks in bed took forever and now it’s been forever and a day. I just want to grab time and sit down for a while and have a nice little chat, instead of having to run like the red queen to catch up with things. Meh.

Was over at Mia’s and Robin’s today for a cup of tea and because Mia had bought me a really sweet gift! It’s an awesome bracelet that is a spider in a web. Looooots of bling on that, I’ll try to put up a picture of it tomorrow :) Thank you Mia, you are really sweet ♥

Will probably be going to a party on saturday, unless my lungs start acting up again. I think it would be nice to get out and meet people a little :) It’s a party at Micke’s and Andreas’ with a 1920’s theme! So I will need to go buy an outfit, but that will be taken care of on friday is the plan ^_^

Ohwell. Going to bed early today, been sleeping really lousy this week so I need to try to get my sleeping hours back to normal again. Nighty night :3


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