Not that I need sleep, but I do

I did the misstake of snoozing before I got up this morning. Not a good idea, at all. I know that I get wayyyy more tired whenever I snooze, and still I do? Silly stupid. Now I am trying to keep my eyes open but every time I blink it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to open the eyes again. And I am not going to get a lot more sleep this weekend, seeing as how I have to get up around 8:30 on Saturday to go to Väla with my brother, and then I am not going back to bed until ~7:00 on Sunday morning due to us going to the club and then going with the first train home in the morning. So yeah, Sunday will be spent in bed because I will be in dire need of sleep. Omg. No idea how I am going to manage this, but it sounded like such a good idea when it first came up! I think I will have to try to get some naps during the day, like a child/old lady. lol.

I was so sleepy yesterday, but all of a sudden my stomach filled up with squeee and then I couldn’t fall asleep when I wanted to. Instead I was wide awake but oh so tired. Very annoying combination tbh, when you want and need to sleep but instead you are staring at the ceiling, picturing one million different possibilities. Silly stupid.

Monday I’ll be going out for a beer with two friends after work. Since I will be asleep all sunday I will be really perky and awake and everything by then, right? …right. Haha. Oh I will be such a mess.

Today I need to remember to bring glasses home from work, because I need to sew today and tomorrow to build that bustle skirt I really need for my outfit. Good thing I don’t do things last second all the time! …oh, wait. :P

Clothes, makeup, 6 feet axe.


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