Because sometimes a girl is entitled to some bragging, that’s why

And then the skirt was finished. Wooo. It got better than I had dared to expect, but perhaps not as good as I may have wanted. Good enough, though! I think this outfit will look awesome! :) Gonna buy stockings and stuff tomorrow, and perhaps also some fake eye-lashes I fell in love with. Mrrrf. I like planning big awesome outfits ^_^ Next one to be planned will be what to wear for my birthday, I guess. No idea yet :P But yeah. Not sure if it is worth turning older. I feel like there are so many things I want to accomplish in life where my age will get a bigger and bigger issue and problem. Meh. Not good.

Anyhoooo I’m tired today. Long week and I haven’t slept as well as I may have wanted. I am seriously thinking about going to bed early today to try to catch up on some sleep, since tomorrow will be a loooooong day indeed. Thousand things going on and all I want is ONE phone call I am not going to make. Silly stupid.

Ohwell. I didn’t have anything important to say, I just wanted to brag about me finishing the skirt ^_^


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