2007-01-27 @ 00:24:23

-He said his sword was stolen?
-And clothes were all torn? He couldn’t be much of a warrior!
-Maybe he was outnumbered.
-But have we ever had a robbery around here?
-I heard he was a young man.
-They say one of them is a girl.
-Who are those three?
-Maybe he …lied about being robbed…
-Maybe they fell into the swamp and lost everything.
-That only happens to idiots!
-It makes sense, though. Maybe he lied about the robbery because he didn’t want to look stupid.
-Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s a stinky swamp over there.
-Right. The smell sticks to you.
-So maybe he fell into the swamp.
-Judging from the way he runs, his friends must be clumsy too.
-You’re a good guesser, old lady.
-Yeah, I think she’s right.
-Let’s go see those idiots. *chuckle*

Oooh, gossipy bybor! De är så rara, och hittar på en massa skumma teorier gällande Noriko och Izark! :D Ovanstående dialog är mellan flertalet parter, och inte bara mellan två. De står i ett litet gäng som blir större och större ju fler nyfikna som anländer ^_^ Så sött! <3


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