I am the mask you wear.

Tomorrow I will try and tidy up my home a bit. At least the living room… And then, perhaps, I can spend the night watching The Phantom of the Opera. Ooh. I would love that :)
My mom is going to buy me groceries tomorrow. That’s so kind of her think I’ve left in my attic, but I’m not sure. Either way, I have to work at Halloween, so I can’t party :'( My plan is to have some kind of party the coming weekend, though. I want to dress up and be all scary and stuff. >:P
”Rawrrr, give me candy or die!”

I have to lay off my obsessions, lol.
Aww. I want to watch The Phantom NOW. Perhaps I’ll do. We’ll see…

”You say Put it on, I say Pyuuut it oooon.”



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