This bread could be my body.

Tidying up at home is fun-fun. My place is starting to look nice again, and that makes me happy :)

Found some old letters Anna sent me while she was living in Greece. It’s been a while… I don’t really remember what it stands in them letters, but I don’t have the courage to look, not today.
It’s been three months.

Work in two hours, aww. I don’t feel like it, I want to stay at home and do stuff instead; cooking, reading, tidying up, take a looooong bath… Stuff like that :P
But, as usual: I need the money.
…yesterday I thought I was ill again. I felt faint and dizzy, and all …pukey (?). But, food made me feel better and then we played rpg for four hours and that totally rocks. My wee elf warrior is good at fighting, and now even better :) We lvl’d! :D (we also lol’d a whole lot, bwaha).

Okay, back to the raft.

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