My crawling flesh tickles.

I texted my boss and told him I was ill, so I don’t have to work tomorrow. Yay! Then perhaps I will be fully recovered ’til sunday, which would be nice because I need my salary. Halloween is coming, and I’d love to make myself a nice costume. Got some meters of vinyl at my attic, so I was thinking of creating something skintight and nice. That would pwn so hard! ^_^
Just need go buy patterns, and to make time for sewing, I think. We’ll se about that. Depending on what my plans for next weekend (my FREE weekend!) will turn out to be, perhaps I could ask Amanda to sew with me… Well, I have to wait and see.

Oh, by the way, the lyrics beneath this post is the lyrics to one of the cuuuuute songs on the Doo Wop Halloween-cd I downloaded the other day! If I can talk myself into it, perhaps I’ll share another of the lyrics with you. I can’t find them on the net, so I have to listen to the song over and over again to write them down, and I’m not to fond of that…

Bedtime now. Nightie-night.

Vem vill bli älskad av mig?

I feel somewhat ill, which really isn’t good. I can only get free from work tomorrow if I’m REALLY ill, otherwise I’ll have to work anyway, and that sucks big time.
The thing is, I am kind of afraid of my boss when it comes to report sickness. He always get so mad, and …it’s not my fault, but I always feel so fawking guilty when getting ill!
I had some fever last thursday, and tried to report myself ill so I could stay home, but he made me work anyhow. (I only had to work for three hours instead of seven, but hey!)

I have to work 20 hours this weekend. I really don’t want to, I feel so stunned since yesterday and the day before that. Much to do at work…

Well, I’ll try not to get to stressed up. I’ll wait ’til tonight and then perhaps I can call in sick if I have to.
Wish me luck, okies?

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