Love is strange.

My mom called and we LOL’d a bit. Fun-fun!
And. …still no mail. It’s getting on my nerves! Everything depends on what they’ll answer, so why can’t the be a wee bit quicker? Grrr!

Hopefully my workingday will pass by quickly, so I can check for emails when I come home again.
Got to ski-dapple any minute now, just wanted to whine a bit :P

She walks barefoot through the meadows, early in the morning every day.

Stayed a bit longer in bed today, which felt good. I like this, being able to sleep as much as I want; No nagging mother trying to get me up earlier than I feel like…

It WILL be a stressful day at work today, but I still feel kind of confident when it comes to that. I haven’t decided whether I will take the cashier and put Grency in the kitchen, or take the kitchen myself, I’ll have to talk with him about that at work later.
My body aches :/ That’s not too good; Tomorrow will be a soft day, but I don’t really like that I have to work for 20hrs this weekend. Sunday is OK, Grency will take care of the pizzamaking so I can relax, but …saturday?
Don’t stress, don’t bother to stress. Take it easy. Yay. ^_^

I have to make some payments today.

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