Kitten kisses.

Listening to Tomas di Leva and just …thinking. I’m kinda stressed up before todays work, but I don’t think it’ll be so bad. And… the rest of the week… I don’t think I have to stress myself up like this, really. But …I do. Time after time.
I’ll have to talk to Kjell about sunday, though, because there is no chance in hell we’ll be able to manage anything at what it looks like right now. Sorry, no can do.

Trying to find some more educations in case of a big NO-NO from MI, but it’s not as easy as I though. Colleges cost bazillions of dollars, universities even more, and then I don’t really know what’s left… I’m not too good at knowing stuff about school :p Since I graduated two years ago and started working I haven’t even played with the thought of going back to school, so I am really a n00b at this. If anyone’s reading this and have some good advice – don’t hesitate to comment this post or mail me, okies?

Venomous and vile.

…Pablo bit me in my arm and said ”I want to eat you!”
Help? He’s not the first one, you know. I seem to take out some kind of cannibalism from my surrounding, and I don’t even know what it is about me that makes people want to chew me all up and spit out my bones.

Chaos at work, but …somehow… I can’t help thinking ”just nine more months, just nine more months” and that mantra makes it all endurable. It’s like: ”Hey, I’m in hell! But …in nine months I will be doing something totally different so I don’t care!”, and believe me: It really helps, thinking like that! That’s how much I want to flee to the States for a while, abandon Sweden and the Swedish Ways of Doing Things and Saying Things. I have no idea how well I will get on, living in USA, but …I need my adventure, I really do.
BUT: Still no answer from the school. It makes me so nervous, and it makes me totally believe they won’t let me take the test anywhere else than in USA. In that case… Well… I don’t know. I could to some checking around to see what it would cost me to fly to the states for a few days, and if I can somehow manage the cost perhaps that’s what I’ll do. Otherwise, it’s bye-bye dreaming, hello boredom. (Unless I find some other course to take instead, or get a job as au-pair or something. We’ll see…)

The easiest way of surviving life and all of it’s surprises is to just take one step at a time. Walk fast, if that’s what you want, but always keep ONE foot on the ground. That way you won’t fall on your face that easily…

And, remember kids: Dressing up like Hitler in school is not cool!


Must control, I must control the evil demons!

…and I really, really love The Phantom of the Opera. The original book, Pratchetts version of it, the tv series, the movies, the musical, the music… The musical as film. It’s wonderful, just marvellous! All the actors are perfect, the settings, the clothing… And it makes me go almost dizzy just by watching it, dreaming it, being it…
That was the psych-out of today :p

We’ve been playing RPG for four hours – fun, and needed!
I also spent some hours making almost all of my diary posts at private, because I don’t want my diary to be public anymore, and I really don’t want to erase them all. So… I’ve got ~200 posts left to hide. Ack! My arms and fingers hurt from all the clicking and mouse-moving.

…still no answer from MI. Gosh! I wanna, I wanna! Gimme?

Got to sleep soon. I’m getting mighty tired, and tomorrow I’ll try to tidy up my home a bit…

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