As the clouds pass by.

Home again. I won the auction, so now I have to ask mom for my money. Then I will have a pair of very nice jeans, yay!
My meetings went well, I got help from one of our customers while at CSN (he works there) and the lady at the bank was very kind and nice. (It seems that my Maestro Card has been somewhat broken, so she cut it ahalf and ordered a new one for me.)

Just sent a mail to MI, asking them about the SLE I have to take. Really, if it is a demand that I take it at MI and nowhere else, there is no way I can manage it. I don’t have that kind of money, and if I had I’m not to sure I would want to spend it on something that takes 15 minutes…
Hopefully I’ll get my answer soon, I can’t wait! I feel like I’m sitting on needles and pins, I’m excited about it all! It surely is an adventure…

I just go ”Purrrrr”.

I feel totally Bettielicious. I think turning black was a good idea, all of a sudden all of my clothing match my hairdo better than before, and that does wonders to my self-esteem.

Starting tomorrow, I will be working for eleven days. Eleven days in a row! That sucks big time. I think I’ll ask Grency to work for me next monday – the weekend will be tough so I will really need some good rest for a day. Putting me up to work a monday… blasted pricks.

Anyhow, any minute now I’m off to the CSN office to ask them my thousand questions – hopefully they’ll be able to answer them too. …or at least point me in the right direction. I also have to check to see if my Maestro Card works, in that case I’ll be able to buy me some food. Otherwise I’ll have to ask my mom to give me the money she stores for me – perhaps I’ll need them anyway, I’ve bidden on a pair of cute pinup jeans at Tradera, and will know in 2 hours+ if I won or not.

Got to go.

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