Don’t want your kisses, that’s for sure.

Woke up at ten o’clock, feeling slightly hung-over and fell asleep again. Set the buzzer on eleven thirty, but woke up, thought ”What the heck!” and fell asleep again. At ten to three I got up, got dressed and sank down by my computer.
Thought for a while, and then sudden my hair turned black. Oops. :P
So, now I’m a true rockabilly kitten with hair as black as midnight. Also, I downloaded like the cutest album ever – Doo Wop Halloween. Totally adorable, really set me in the mood.

At half past nine I fell a sudden urge to go buy some sweets, but since I only had a robe on me, and didn’t feel like getting dressed again, I just put on a skirt and a jacket and ran off. Don’t think anyone noticed my state of undressness, either way – no one said a word. Hoho. While at it, I noticed that I look totally geisha-sweet wearing my robe to that skirt, since I had my hair in a bun, and wore my make-up as little wings by my eyes.

Tomorrow, I will skip and jump over to CSN, to ask them a thousand questions about everything that has anything to do with my American Dream. (California Dreamin’, ya know)
Then I have to talk to the bank, and to a estate agent. Mom said that the estate agent takes app. 5-6% in fee for selling off my sweet li’l home, but I’d better ask for myself.
Mom also said I should use the one she and dad’s using for selling off our old home, but …well… I looked at an apartment he was showing off last fall, and he kinda hit on me. Don’t know if I want to go to one-on-one meetings with him, haha. :P

There is a strange kind of feeling in my tummy. It’s like… dunno. Don’t kiss and tell, kind of.
Perhaps some things are better off unsaid? Don’t know if I ruined anything by telling, but one thing’s for sure: I don’t think I’ll ever know.
Anyhoo: Dreaming of spending the next Halloween in USA! Oh, it would be so cool!

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