My flesh tickles.

Seriousely. For the moment, I just feel like dying. I’ve been awake for 11 hours, working eight and then played team vs. team bowling. My bowling skillz sucks, and it’s even worse now that I’m nearly dead. Argh. I haven’t even had enough time to eat! I ate half of a pizza, and that’s it. Try to bowl while in that position, will ya?

I’m going to take a shower now, and then go buy something to eat. The evening will be spent over at Eric, we’re going to watch Mst3k – Puma Man and party a bit. I’m looking forward to it. Tomorrow and the day after that I’m free from work, which is splendid. Got some stuff I have to do, and then just …relax. Get some rest, perhaps play a little with my camera and …dunno. Play some WoW? Oh.

Also, I have to talk to CSN monday, and when knowing what to do, I have to talk to the bank and the estate agent. (about selling my apartment, and what the tax-boom will be. Grr. Taxes. :( )

So. I’m off – heading for my shower!

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