Crawl straight home.

Just got up. Dreamt something weird… Some kind of futuristic dream, I’m not too sure. I knew how to drive, heh… We were me and some of my friends, and we were some kind of super thieves, so we were at it trying to steal the worlds best chocolate. Me and Leo got caught trying to get to Huddinge or Uddevalla, not to sure, while we were trying to sneak us behind the enemy borders. It was an amusing, yet disturbing, dream. As usual.

I’ll be working in the bar tonight, which means I’ll quit between 2300 and 0100. And, um, according to Tova I’m meant to begin at seven tomorrow. Uh… Shouldn’t anyone, like Kjell, tell me about it? ”Hey, btw! We were thinking, and you really don’t need more than five hours of sleep, right?!” Yay, good thinking!

I found an education I find interesting. Now I have to sit down, think it through a thousand times and then maybe do something about it. I AM very impulsive, and I don’t want to do anything I might regret later. Better be safe than sorry, right?

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