Happily ever after.

And …all of a sudden, everyone is hitting at me at once. Well, uh, at least three boys. Haha. So, while I’m sitting, moping and whining, they all come online and start flirting. WTF? It saved my night, I can tell ^_^ Aww. It made me feel a lot less unattractive and boring :)
Well, perhaps I’m over-reacting, but it just felt …like sunrise. And now I’m happy again. Yay!

Tired today. Want to sleeeeeeep, but I’ve got to work in three hours. Working ’til 1 am, then home to sleep and get up to work again at 8 am. Mrargh! Well now. I’m free after 2 pm tomorrow, so I can sleep then. And …continue my sitting-by-computer.


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