Dust to lust.

Argh! Fawking fawk! Seems like I payed to either someone not existing, or someone who craves double the pay. Eh, my sailor top, the one I keep telling you about? The girl who’s selling it says she hasn’t got the money yet (even though I made the transfer 20th of may) but when I check my bank account, the money IS missing. Where are they? And why? I don’t know if she’s tricking me, or if I made some stupid misstake while transferring. I think it’s the last option, dunno if I can pay Handelsbanken from my account, actually. FFS! Argh!

Okay, change of topic: WoW! Played for two hours yesterday, made a new character at Argent Dawn, a supercute hunk warrior called Lucifiery. (teh n00best name, eh? ^^)
I’ll post a screenshot of him here later, so y’all can see my new playboy :D

When I awoke, mom had once again visited my apartment while I was sleeping. I got three boxes of cleanwashed clothing in my hallway now, whee! But, uh, perhaps not the best of ideas, letting her come and go as she pleases? Or?

My brother graduates in two days. I totally envy him! I wanna, I wanna!


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