I hate every bone in your body but mine.

Allright-o, I know I’ve been bad not updating recently. But, it’s like this: I work from 8am-2pm, and then I’ve got a few hours to be absolutely free (mostly, I watch DH at that time) and after 6pm, WE ARE BUILDING THE BIGGEST TENT EVER. And I have to go to bed att 11pm to be able to get up at 7.30am. So… No time to blog. Except now, whilst I feel I have to come up with some kind of explanation. (like you even care :p)

I will be busy all week long; Tent-building, visit from sthlm, Midsummer, work and then, at monday, I’m of for a LARP, and I won’t be home again ’til next tuesday. So, uh, don’t expect any updates in two weeks, ok?

(fawk english, it’s not my language today..)

Curse ye, ye scurvy searats!

My hair is a mess. I hate it. But, I bought some kind of conditioner I put in it, and I’ll let it stay there for some hours. Perhaps it can do something for the damage; soften it up or something.

Had the weirdest dream… It was cute, but I woke up with a ”What the fawk?!” ringing through my ears. Uh, my dreams are not normal, heh. Suddenly I kinda understand why some people call me freak when I share my dreams. But, like I said; cute. And I will share it with the right person, the one involved. So there, you others can …mind your business :p

I’m told I’ll be able to watch Desperate Housewives ep. 15 in three hours; Luvly! I really hope it’s true – my computer likes lying to me. It’s kind of sadistic, when I think about it.

Oh, and by the way: STOP THINKING I WANT TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIENDS! I’ve had it up to here to have to defend myself all the time. NO, I’m not flirting with them. NO, they’re not flirting with me. NO, I don’t want them. I know how to differ ”lovers” from ”friends”, even though you don’t seem to know it yourselves. Really. Had I wanted to steal guys, I’d been at it already. But you don’t see me wearing slutty clothes and giving your guys lapdances, right?
So give it up. I’m not interested. Taken guys doesn’t amuse me. Just …leave me be.
AND; respect your partners, ffs! Trust, aight?

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