Me + Sex = ???

Really. I know this is kind of rude (or just indecent) but I really really want to have sex. I NEED IT, ffs! It’s been app. 13 months, and …none. Can you understand how it gets to me? How crappy and unattractive it makes me feel? I need someone to touch me, hug me, make me feel wanted, needed. (sure, perhaps it’s desperate writing about this in my blog, but it’s SO getting on my nerves I can’t think properly)
I want to be seduced. I want it so bad I can’t even stop thinking about it. Sex, sex, sex. I just want it to stop, I just want to feel like a regular, decent girl again. This me being randy is soooo horrible. I feel like a tramp, too, for just thinking about sex.
(and, yeah, btw; this doesn’t mean anyone has the right to tell me ANYTHING; I still find it rude with people being frank about stuff like this to me, aight?)

Rawrr. And you know the worst part? IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! I’m to shy, and no one wants me. Story of my life. I don’t have the guts to try to flirt with someone, and no one seems interested enough to take a chance and hint it to me. Blah. Yatta-yatta-yatta, just me being whiny tonight. …but still… I do miss having a loving arm around me at night.

Had I been of a different kind, living in a different place perhaps I could get me some. But now I’m ME, living in a fawking small island where everyone knows everyone and stories spread like fire. …and sometimes I just hate it so incredibly.

It isn’t even funny.

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