Rip their fur, cut their skin with my knife.

Took a walk last night. I live close by to an old military field, which lies right next to the see, and when I just couldn’t take any more of this sitting by my computer, I just brake loose and ran off to my see. It helped, a whole lot. At first I was frightened, afraid that perhaps someone would jump me and rape me, but then I just thought ”Heck, why would anyone be sittong out on these rocks hoping someone would pass by at night?”
I walked for an hour. It was a beautiful night, stars shining, the moon seeing its reflection in the ocean and the flowers smelling pretty. And it calmed me, just walking around, listening to Therion and being alone with my thougts.
I’ve got so many things to think of, things I don’t even NEED to think of. So, I kinda cleaned up my mess. Rebooted, started all over again. And now …I feel calmer, prettier. I feel more whole.
Just think what mother nature can do for you ^_^

Today I started cleaning up my place. After posting this, I will continue with my dishing and then I think I’ll hand-wash some clothes too. I feel …positive.
As it seems; Calm night at work tonight. Good! If that’s the case, I’m going to write a letter to Elenaria and if I’m allowed to get off earlier perhaps I’ll take another walk.

And, one other thing: I HATE having a good-looking ex. So, I need to find an even MORE good-looking new boyfriend. …or not, haha. I don’t care, really. It just pisses me off that he’s so perfect, and that he’s a pig. Nvrmnd.

”We like the moon
Cause it is close to us
We like the moon
But not as much as a spoon
Cause that’s more use for eating soup
And a fork isnt very useful for that
Unless it got many vegetables
And you might be better of with a Chop-stick
Unlike the moonIt is up in the sky
It is very high
But not as high as maybe as a Dirgeribil or a zeppelin or lightbulbs
And maybe clouds
And puffins i think also maybe
They go quite high too
But maybe not as high as the moon
Cause the moon is very high

We like the moon
The moon is very useful everyone
Everybody likes the moon
It lights the sky up at night
And it lovley
And it makes the tide go and we like it
But not as much as cheeese
We like cheese and zeppelins
We really like them and we like moose and we like kelp
And we like deer and we like marmots
And we like all the fluffy animals
We really like the moon”

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